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Nothing can describe the feeling that is felt when your speaker is playing your favorite jam, and all over sudden it shuts down or loses energy. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether your speaker has jammed or it is your system. You will need to know how to tell if a speaker is blown to diagnose such problems.

On the worst case scenario, you might go for new speakers, and the problem is because of some faults in how the wiring was done. That is why it is important to know the steps of diagnosing and telling whether your car speaker is blown or not.

How does a car speaker work?

For you to tell whether your speaker is blown or not, you will need to know some basic knowledge of how speakers work. All speakers operate almost using one principle, a principle that converts electrical signals into sound signals as shown in this video. Speakers have three parts, the electromagnetic coil, permanent magnet and the cone.

1. Electromagnetic Coil

Speakers have an electromagnetic coil, a metallic coil which induces a magnetic field when an electric current flows through it. Since the current flowing through is alternating, the magnet will change its polarity, and in the process, it flips.

This coil is placed close to a permanent magnet. So at the time when the electrical pulses change direction from one point to another, and the magnetic poles of the rapid change, this makes the coil to be attracted and repelled by the magnet. This will result in a forth and back movement that is rapid and in line to the electrical pulses flowing through the coil.

2. Permanent magnet

Unlike the electromagnetic coil, its magnetic properties are permanent, and it is firmly fixed so that its polarities remain in one direction. It is meant to attract and repel the coil as its polarities change.

It is important to note that the magnetic field that flows on the back of the speaker is of no use. That is why you can stick the speaker onto a metallic fixture, and it will still function correctly....Read more