About Us

Here at Car Speaker Land we have only one goal: to bring you the best speakers around.

Well, actually we have two goals: we also want to make sure that you’re able to get things going without having to pay the steep fees which are often charged for even the most basic procedures in auto shops.

The truth is this: many people are going to try to sell you their services and products. We use our expert team of reviewers to make sure that we can stand behind our opinions and the information which we bring to you.

We don’t care if you’re a high-level audiophile with a competition setup looking for that edge, or just an end-consumer who’s not sure they have the best 6x9s for their car’s system. We want you to make sure you’re getting the best.

There’s something out there that everyone will enjoy, and we consider it our highest priority to bring it right to you.

We focus on a lot of things, because car audio isn’t a single dimension subject. There’s more information out there than you can shake a stick at by the end of the day and the technology is ever-advancing, requiring us to stay on top of it to make sure you don’t get any outdated information.

By keeping ourselves at the forefront of the game and utilizing our unswerving dedication to giving you the complete picture you’re going to end up knowing what you need to know about the speakers, amps, and other electronics you’re considering.

When you go through our content you’re going to find the following:

  • Awesome guides to the best speakers, amps, and other electronics available. We’ve got something for everyone, from budget price speakers packing serious punch to high-end components for the dedicated audiophile.
  • Guides on how to set up your equipment and achieve a real difference in your soundscape.
  • Tips and tricks for fixing, modifying, and improving every single piece of equipment contained within your vehicle.

More than that, we understand that different consumers have different needs. Not everyone wants a pair of jaw-dropping 15” subwoofers in the back of their vehicle.

Maybe you just want to open the world up to some killer sound, bringing the highs and mids to the forefront.

Or maybe you just like to make your neighbor’s windows rattle.

We focus on making sure that when we recommend products that there’s something for every single person who comes across our guides.

There are a lot of sites out there trying to tell you what to do, so where is our difference?

An Experienced Team of Reviewers

We make sure to have people on both ends of the audio buying spectrum tune in to each product we present to you. The differences in high-end equipment aren’t apparent to all ears, so we had to drag in some of the best and brightest.

We also had to drag in some people who really just know that they want a stompin’ audio setup with no significant issues.

We form our overall impressions of the products we bring to you from the composite of these opinions.

Audio Experience

We form our how-to articles from the opinions of audio experts. By consulting them first we make sure that we can give you the tricks of the trade which most people don’t bring to you.

Most people can install their audio themselves, make modifications to their systems, and get great tuning without having to pay for it. They just need to know how.

We seek out only the best and the brightest to advise us, because we care about you.


Honesty is something missing from most of the review sites out there.

They’re here to take your money.

We’re here to help you get the system of your dreams, save money, and put together exactly what you need to assemble an amazing soundscape no matter what your budget is.

Broad Focus

We’ve taken our focus to the next level, making sure that we don’t just cherry pick high-cost items. Instead we spread out our reviews over a wide showcase of different equipment, making sure to bring all aspects of car audio to the forefront.

Take a look at our guides and you’re sure to find great speakers for the high-end consumer, awesome budget options.

We even do it for the individual brands which make up the spectrum of the car speaker experience.

Above all, that’s the Car Speaker Land difference. We bring you what you need to know, the products you want to buy, and we mix it all up with the know-how to take it to the next level.

The staff here all wish you the best in your quest for your perfect car audio system, no matter what that may be.

So let’s get started with finding the right speakers for your vehicle.