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When upgrading a speaker system, one of the key things to consider is the size. Size will give you the best groove when listening to your music. Some of the best speaker sizes to go for are the 6 inches by 8 inches speakers. They have a little bigger cone size than 6.5 inches speakers  which makes them good for the bass.

In order to get the best 6×8 speakers for bass, you will need to consider a lot of factors which we did on your behalf to relieve you of the burden. We have therefore come with a review that includes some of the best 6×8 car speakers available today with the best prices, performance, and popularity. Keep reading to find out.

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Top Rated Best 6x8 Speakers For Bass On The Market  

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These are the best sounding 6x8 speakers to replace your old factory speakers with. They excel when it comes to installation. They offer the best flex fit basket for complete compatibility regardless of the vehicle model. This flex basket also uses slots instead of screw sized holes. This allows slight adjustment of the speakers when mounted.  It has an ICC (Integrated Concealed Crossover) which reduces and simplifies the installation process by concealing the passive crossover.

On sound production alongside installation, they have a vast surround that significantly widens the speakers’ useful radiating cone area without affecting the installation process. By doing this alone, the cone area is boosted by 25%. Still regarding sound production, these speakers are a pair of 3-way speakers.

With a frequency response of 65Hz-24 kHz and using 1 watt to 1-meter technique, these speakers have a sensitivity of 90dB.These speakers have a power handling capacity of 130 W peak value and 65W RMS value. This makes them ideal to be used on the radio head units and slightly powerful amplifiers.

What We Like

  • FlexFit basket design allows complete compatibility.
  • Comes with OEM adapter for quick and simplified installation.
  • Has PEI dome tweeter that has a built-in crossover.
  • The cone is mineral-filled and propylene injected for quality sound production.
  • Works well with factory head units.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The mounting hardware comes with flimsy plastic pieces that can break when installing the speakers.

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If you are looking for speakers to beautify the interior of your car, these series of blue label speakers might be your best option. They are well-designed speakers with azure curves. Since they are 3-way speakers, they have good lows, midrange and highs. They have non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround that keeps them durable and secure.

On the technical part, they are made with a 1-inch high-temperature ASV voice coil that produces frequency rich sound and spreads the sound hence giving an open soundstage. These coils ensure that there is low distortion when you crank up your volume.

Regarding sound production, the midrange is played by the 1-inch neodymium film dome midrange and the high frequencies ¾ inch piezo tweeter. These two components give this speaker the best response of between 70 Hz to 20 kHz. For a quick installation, you will be provided with grilles, wires and mounting hardware

What We Like

  • Comes with a poly-mica coated woofer.
  • Its midrange drivers include 1-inch neodymium film dome.
  • Covers the high frequency through a ¾ inch piezo tweeter.
  • Has a high maximum power handling of 360 W.
  • Uses a 1 inch ASV voice coil which is rich in sound.
  • Perfect for front door installation.

What We Didn’t Like

  • They are un-returnable

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Pioneer never disappoints when it comes to the best speakers that can be used to replace factory speakers. You can use this speaker to replace your blown 6×8 blown speaker. This design handles 250W peak power and 40W RMS power which means you can make it through your amp without any worry.

It also features a very strong and lightweight injection molded polypropylene with a composite cone woofer. This woofer helps reduce distortion and boosts sensitivity. To add on sound production, this speaker features a conex damper that handles high power and deeper mid-bass.

A bass without the high frequencies is like a dead zone. These speakers have inbuilt piezoelectric tweeters that will relay the highs with high clarity and musicality. Generally speaking, these speakers are good for the midrange and the tremble.

Regarding the ease of installation, they have shallow mounting depths for quick and easy installation on custom-fit baskets or cabinets. They also come with the mounting ware. To maximize the performance of these speakers you should however pair it with a receiver. You can use them with radio head units since they do not require much power to operate.

What We Like

  • They can work well with radio head units.
  • Perfect for midrange and tremble.
  • Features a strong and lightweight injected polypropylene and mica cone.
  • Good with the tremble through the piezoelectric cone.
  •  They are good speakers for the price

What We Didn’t Like

  • They have a low bass response.

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This pair of 6 by 8-inch speakers has a power rating of 140 W maximum power and 70W RMS per pair.  They can really work well with the factory head units; they will also still be good for a standard amplifier even though they feature a heavy-duty motor structure for better performance.

On bass production, they feature an extended voice coil technology that offers crystal clear bass, surrounding these voice coil is the UV treated surround that provides an optimum sound and precise linear excursion. They also have balanced dome tweeters that offer an outstanding definition.

On sound production, these speakers are component speakers that feature the midrange woofers and one tweeter. They, therefore, have a better sound clarity than other most coaxial speakers. They are also good speakers for the price which is exactly opposite to many component speakers.

What We Like

  • Has an extended voice coil that offers crystal clear bass.
  • Component speakers with UV treated surround for durability and optimum sound.
  • Component speakers that are good for the price.
  • Carries a heavy-duty motor structure which renders it high quality.
  •  Compatible with most of the vehicle models.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Most of them crackle after some time of use.

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It is hard to find a speaker that will respond to low frequencies and still have low power ratings. These speakers have a wide frequency response of between 40Hz to 25 kHz. This means that while you will be listening to your favorite music, you will be able to hear most of the bass.  The high frequencies will be relayed by the 1-inch edge-driven soft dome tweeter. This overall performance is due to its 2-way configuration.

On power handling, you will expect a speaker that drives out low frequencies to be driven by a large power amplifier, but for these speakers, they have moderately low power ranges of between 5-100 watts RMS and 300W peak power. This means that they will handle the lows and highs at high volumes without distorting.

When it comes to installation, they are as easy as pie. You can hook them up with an amplifier for more sound production. They work well with amplifiers of 40 watts RMS to each speaker at 4 ohms impedance, and they will not distort even at full volume with HPF set to off.

What We Like

  • Does not distort at high volumes.
  • Have a wider frequency response.
  • Perfect speaker for the bass, midrange and highs.
  • They are easy to install.
  • Tweeters are unpivoted meaning you can adjust them.

What We Didn’t Like

  • They have a plastic basket which is susceptible to breakage.

Common Terms Used When Selecting The Best 6×8 Speakers For Bass

When choosing the best speakers, there are some terminologies you will need to know for you to make the right choice. Let’s, in a nutshell, define a few terms;

1- Power handling

This is the rating which the manufacturer gives to show the power the speakers can operate at and handle. These ratings are normally given in two ways which are the RMS and the peak power. RMS power is the average amount of power that the speaker can handle continuously while the Peak power can be defined as the maximum amount of power the speaker can handle supplied as short bursts.

When choosing your  6×8 inches speaker for any car, for instance the best 6×8 speakers for F150, the ideal value to look at is the RMS. This means that the lower the RMS, the better if you will not be working with an amplifier. A lowly rated speaker will most probably work with the head unit of your car. That does not necessarily mean that you will get the best from the speakers, you will need to boost it with an amplifier.

2- Sensitivity

This is the measurement of the amount of sound that the speaker will produce when 1 watt of power in a distance of 1 meter passes through it in decibels. The higher the sensitivity of your speaker, the better the quality it will be.

If your system is low powered, you will need to have a highly sensitive speaker. For highly powered systems, you might want to have a lowly sensitive speaker. Lower sensitive speakers always mean that they can handle more power.


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3- Frequency response/Range

These are the frequencies that the speaker can produce from the lowest to the highest one. They are normally given form the highest to the lowest. The wider the frequency range of the speaker, the better it will be.

A wider range means that the speaker can produce the lowest frequencies and the highest as possible. These will, however, work well if the components of the speakers are well made.

4- Impedance

This is the resistance that the speaker offers to the electrical signal that is supplied to it in bursts. It is normally not a constant value due to the changing value of the signal. So it is also given as a mean of the overall fluctuating impedance.

For you to understand how impedance works, you will need to build a facial image representation of the speaker as a pipe and the audio signal as the water.  A bigger pipe will always let the high volume of water to flow through it. So as a smaller impedance speaker; it will always let more electrical signal easily flow through it.

The lower the impedance, the more electrical signal flows through it and the louder or better the speaker. Well, that doesn’t mean that you will always need a low impedance speaker. Think of it this way; a bigger pipe will always require a pump for it to carry the extra volumes of water. Some of these low impedance speakers will still require an amplifier for them to work well just like the high impedance speakers.

5- Speaker material

The most common material normally used to make these kinds of speakers is polypropylene. The lighter and stiffer the material used, the more the effective the speaker is. This material is normally injected with carbon or mixed with mica. There are other metals that are used to make titanium and aluminum, which are normally used in the high-end speakers.

Another thing to look into when finding the best speaker for your car is the surround. A surround is a reinforcement that is lightweight and durable that is normally meant for the cone to move with little energy while making it durable.

There are a lot of factors that make any speaker surround break. For example the humidity around it, age as well as wear and tear. The stronger the speaker’s surround, the longer the durability of its cone. Rubber is one of the best surround used for its high performance. Some of the other materials used include foam and cloth surroundings.

6- Coaxial or component

The coaxial speaker is a speaker with its sound drivers in a single unit while a component speaker is a speaker with its sound drivers as separate components. Choosing between the component and coaxial speakers will depend entirely on your preference.

Coaxial speakers excel in installation; they normally don’t require much modification on the old factory installation points. Most of them are made to fit them well. For a 6×8 car speaker, you might require a little modification especially if you are migrating from 6.5-inch factory speakers. Coaxial speakers also excel at prices. They are cheaper as compared to component speakers. They, however, have a limitation when it comes to customization.

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Component speakers on the other hand excel when it comes to customization. You can choose the way you feel these components should be positioned. They also offer clear and spread sound. They are however expensive and will require more advanced skills when installing them. Since our motive here is to help you get acquainted, here is a quick video on how to wire your speakers to an amplifier.

Wrapping Up

Getting the best sound 6×8 speakers reviews will always come back to your preference and budget. You are lucky the five speakers we have reviewed perform well when it comes to prices. They also have good reliability, performance, and technical features. That being said and done, it will be the best time to announce the winner of this roundup which is Rockford Fosgate speakers

We looked at around three things that this speaker excels in. First is the technical and installation aspect. They offer the butyl rubber surround with a “micas and polypropylene” mixed cone for a deeper bass. They also come with ICC crossover which increases simplicity when installing them. The flex basket also rounds up the ease of installation by featuring slots instead of screw holes. This allows adjustment while mounting the speakers.

On sound production, they have a VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique) surround which significantly increases the speaker’s effective radiating cone area without inconveniencing installation. This kind of technique results in 25% boost on the effectiveness of the speaker. On frequency response, we can say it has an averagely wide response. It is also a 3-way speaker and has a high sensitivity.

Pricewise they are cheaper and good for the price. From the many people who have used it, they confess to its performance is superb. They are best when it comes to both front and rear installation. These are some of the few advantages that made us declare these speakers as the winner. We hope that you are in agreement with us, please leave us a comment and your take.

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