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Conical speakers provide an easy way to push a little bit more bass than the standard circulars, and you’ll find that many vehicles come stock with 6”x9” varieties.

This makes them an easy upgrade for the auto audio enthusiast, since you can slot them right in and get those terrible sounding, weak originals out and slot in the best 6x9 speaker for bass you can find without having to spend an afternoon elbow deep in the wiring loom. Give one of our favorites a shot and you won’t be disappointed.


Top Best 6x9 Car Speakers For Bass On The Market

We’ve spent a bit of time looking through the annals of the internet, trying to find readily available and superior speakers to bring to you. We think we’ve succeeded and there’s something here for everyone.

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For those looking for a huge improvement over their stock speakers, we found Pioneer’s TS-A6986R to be one of the best around. With a 600W maximum output and four drivers they provide an impressive amount of power and diversity of sound to handle everything from the lows to the highs.

What they represent, for most people, is a huge improvement over the stock speakers that come with most vehicles. The four drivers allow each range of the music to be heard clearly and they’re pretty much plug-and-play since they’re not component speakers.

These aren’t component speakers, so don’t expect them to be professional level, but for the average person they’ll perform more than adequately. They also have a tendency to lose bass over time, so take it a bit easy if you’re really looking to bump it.

For a solid upgrade which will leave most people blown away, these Pioneer speakers are exactly what you need.

What We Like

  • 600W maximum output
  • 4 drivers
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Great price

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not component speakers
  • Bass could perform better


While not quite as awesome as the Pioneers above, these Rockford speakers pack a serious punch when it comes down to it. They’re 150W max output with two drivers, which makes them ideal for those who have a weaker input power into their vehicle’s audio system.

While they’re not going to provide an incredible amount of volume increase, they more than make up for it with improved pick up of the lower ranges and an overall improvement of audio clarity.

If you’re just looking to increase the volume of your speakers then you might want to give these a pass, but for a full range clarity upgrade they’re incredible for the price.

While we prefer the Pioneers, Rockford presents these speakers which handle the whole range of sound quite smoothly at the cost of a little bit of the maximum wattage which can be found in other brands.

What We Like

  • Great sound clarity
  • Good bass
  • Great price
  • Simple to install

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not much of a volume upgrade
  • Only 2 drivers


For the cheapest, effective upgrade around for your 6”x9” speakers, we recommend this model from Kenwood. With a 400W maximum output and three drivers you’re getting quite a bit of value for your money.

As with any budget item, however, there are some drawbacks. The main problem that people seem to have with this model is that they’re not quite as durable as they should be. While they’re not blowing left and right, enough people have had trouble to make this noteworthy.

They’re also not quite as clear as you’d expect from 3-Way speakers, which is a bummer. This will primarily be a volume upgrade for the majority of people.

If you’re looking to make things quite a bit louder and a little bit clearer, without having to get a second mortgage, then you might find these Kenwood speakers to be exactly what you’re looking for. Audiophiles will be giving them a pass, however.

What We Like

  • Super cheap
  • 400W max output
  • 3 drivers
  • Good bass

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lack of durability
  • Lower build quality


They’re definitely not cheap, but these Polk Audio speakers are some of the best sounding 6x9 car speakers that money can buy. If you’re willing to splurge a little bit, let us break them down for you.

These speakers have a 150W continuous output, instead of the usual maximum measurement. They put out a ton of power.

More than that, the 3-way setup stays clear even when the volume knob is maxed out. Add in the fact that these component speakers are highly customizable in order to suit the tastes of all but the most discerning audio enthusiast and you’ve got a winning combination that’s well worth the money.

If there’s any flaw it’s simply that Polk’s speakers are more focused on sounding clear at high volume levels than they are with punching out the bass.

If you want the best 6”x9” speakers money can buy, however, you really can’t do much better than the Polk Audio DB691.

What We Like

  • Holds clarity at all volume levels
  • Component speakers
  • Three drivers
  • Easy install for component speakers

What We Didn’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Bass, while good, isn’t up to par with the rest of the range

#5- Best 6x9 Component Speaker:
Kicker 40CSS694 CSS69 6"x9" 6x9 450 Watt


Component speakers are what you’re looking for when it comes to ensuring that you have the best sound quality possible, and as usual Kicker delivers with these fantastic 450W max output speakers.

The bass that comes with these speakers is utterly fantastic for not being a subwoofer and the clarity is pretty hard to beat without spending a lot more money. Since they’re component speakers they’re going to require some tuning, but when it’s done…

You’ll have a great system without having to do a full overhaul.

The only real problem with them is that you’ll need an external amp to really take advantage of the power they can take.

These speakers from kicker are the audiophile’s speaker of choice. They’ll take some work, but when dialed in they’re simply amazing.

What We Like

  • 450W max output
  • Component speakers
  • Great bass for speaker type
  • Clear sound through full range

What We Didn’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Hard to tune for amateurs

Picking Out The Best 6x9 Car Speakers For Bass

While we wouldn’t suggest cutting new holes in order to use this size of speaker they’re a super common size to find.

It simply provides a little bit more bass due to the increased surface area of the cone. Think of them as an “all-arounder”, they can handle low and high frequencies pretty well but dedicated speakers will usually outperform them.

Picking the right one can make all the difference when it comes to whether you’re getting a real upgrade or not, however, so you need to keep in mind the following when you’re picking one out.

In a way, you can think of these as a whole system contained within a single speaker.

You’re not going to be winning competitions using them, but they can definitely make a huge difference when it comes to the overall sound and feel that your audio system is pushing.

Before you get going you do need to check out one thing: you need to know what the power output you have for your audio system.

If you’re looking to do a total overhaul of your car’s audio from the ground up, however, we strongly recommend you look into doing things properly rather than just going for an upgrade over the stock options.

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6x9 speaker review

Wattage is the power rating of a speaker. The higher the wattage, the more volume and bass you’ll be able to get out of the speaker.

This is pretty simple: higher wattage is generally preferred as a baseline improvement over whatever you’re running. The average stock speaker runs around 20 watts at peak, which means 12-15 continuous.

As you can see from our favored products, it’s pretty cheap to seriously outdo the stock system in most vehicles. As a general rule, ten times the wattage is going to produce double the maximum volume for your system.

You’ll need to match this to the power output of your external amplifier or car’s stock system however, as too much range may end up not being much of an improvement at all.

Number of  Drivers

best 6x9 speakers in the world

One of the biggest differences you’ll find between different speaker labels is the “way” rating. What this actually refers to is the amount of speakers contained within the 6”x9” speaker box.

The extra tweeters will help allow mid-range and high frequencies to come through more clearly without detracting from the bass. 4-way speakers will have an additional “super-tweeter” which is dedicated to handling only the highest frequencies.

Basically, the driver amount will help to separate the sounds contained within your new speaker and the higher the number the better off you’ll be.

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Component vs. Full Range Speakers

Full range speakers are exactly what they sound like: they handle all of the different frequencies which are pouring out of your speakers in a simple manner.

They’re also called coaxial speakers. They’re pretty much plug and play, which makes them ideal as an upgrade for those who don’t know what they’re doing and don’t want to have to pay a professional.

Component speakers on the other hand, have an optimal arrangement of the internal speakers as well as allowing for all of the pieces to function in perfect harmony.

For most people, high-end coaxial speakers are ideal due to their simplicity and lower cost.

The dedicated audiophile is going to want to opt for component speakers, however, since their higher customizability and sound clarity lead to a better sound in pretty much all cases.


If you’ve been looking for the best 6x9 speaker for bass then we hope we’ve guided you in the direction of our personal favorite, the Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6" X 9" 600W 4-Way Speakers, with its four drivers and impressive clarity it’s hard to do any better for your system without investing in a full upgrade.

While they’re not going to hand you the big win in a national competition, upgrading to the best 6”x9” speakers around is one of the easiest ways to take a stock system to the next level. With the right choice for your particular tastes your audio system will have an impressive boost, which is more than enough for the casual enjoyer of their car’s system.

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