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Best Tweeters Reviews » Best Car Audio Tweeters In The World

By Brian Casey

Good sound quality means you can hear all the details of your favorite music. The right components for your system play a greater part in ensuring that you can hear all these frequencies. A complete and well-equalized car system should have the best car tweeters.

This will ensure that you not only get the bass and the mid from your bass and midrange drivers, but also get to hear the high frequencies. If you are planning to upgrade your system or improve the sound quality of your car’s audio system, tweeters are some of the components you will need to choose carefully.

In this article, therefore, you will find a review of the best tweeters and more details on how to choose the best car tweeters.

What to Consider When Buying The Best Car Tweeters

1- Type of Tweeters

What type of speakers do you run on your car? Are they component or coaxial? Mostly coaxial speakers do not require any tweeter. This is because coaxial speakers already have an inbuilt tweeter in them.  Sometimes however, these in built tweeters do not dissipate enough sound and hence you might need to do some modification and add an external tweeter.

Component speakers, on the other hand, will require tweeters for them to function fully. Choosing tweeters that are compatible with your component system is an important thing to do. Some systems will support a tweeter and a super tweeter. You need, therefore, to find the one which best suits your system.

To avoid the hustle of going through your system’s specification and trying to find a tweeter that fits it, you can try bullet tweeters. They are known for being compatible with a wide range of speaker systems.

2- Tweeter Material

Material plays a good part in determining the durability and sound quality of the tweeter. Good tweeters are made of materials that are soft like textile blends, poly or silk. These materials give smooth, refined and mellow sound.

If you are looking to install tweeters for more bright and harsh sounds, go for hard materials like graphite, ceramics and metal. Here is a short video for comparison between bullet tweeters and regular tweeters.

3- Swiveling or Pivoting Tweeters

When it comes to tweeter installation, the mode of mounting is essential. Will you need a fixed pivoting or swiveling pivoting tweeter?  The reason you need to consider this is because tweeters produce directional high-frequency sounds.

Therefore, the way they are directed towards the listener brings a lot of effects.  Good tweeters for the car need to create an illusion that the listener is just close to the stage where an artist is performing. Swiveling tweeters are, therefore, the best to go for.

4- Crossover

What is a crossover? In simple words, a crossover is what separates and directs frequencies to the right components. Without a crossover, a component will be trying to produce frequencies that it is not intended to produce. The result will be distortion or too much power consumption.

You should, therefore, look for a tweeter either with an inbuilt HP (High Pass) crossover or an external HP crossover. This means that anytime a signal will be directed to the tweeter, it will be filtered by the crossover leading to a clean and crisp sound.

5- Detachable tweeters

Would you wish to use your tweeter in a separate car or home audio one day? Some component or full range speakers come with a detachable tweeter. This is so that you can remove or replace them with new ones. You might need to consider that as you look for the best car audio tweeters.

6- Power handling

Tweeters just like any other speaker use power. It is important; therefore, to consider the power that it can handle. Good tweeters for a car must specify the power ratings they can handle. Find out if they match your car’s system.

If your system is run on a powerful amplifier, the tweeter should match the output gain given by the amplifier. Look at the RMS power handling since this is what the speaker can handle continuously.

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Top Rated Best Car Tweeters on The Market

1. JBL GTO19T Premium 0.75-Inch Component Tweeter 


Are you looking for tweeters that are good for sound dissipation and the best car tweeters for the money?  These ones are the right choice for you. They have a softy dome that features oversized voice coils that allow greater dissipation of sound.  They also allow for smooth highs and high-power handling.

The carbon nonmagnetic baskets maintain their precision and integrity when subjecting them to demanding conditions. A good feature about these tweeters is that they are low-impedance 3-ohm tweeters. Sometimes the factory wiring systems might be thin and cannot withstand high resistance.

It is, therefore, important that you have a low-impedance tweeter.  In addition, these tweeters can be amped and be easily pushed to further than their normal specification. What is also good about these tweeters is that they sound clear even at high volumes. They have low distortion even at lower frequencies. What’s more, they can be run at 5 watts RMS. This means that even at low power supply, they can still function well and also at high power supply they are still great.

The inbuilt crossover does well in sound separation enhancing the overall sound quality of the tweeters. The tweeters come with fixed mounts which make replacement a little hard.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
  • They sound clear and smooth.
  • 12dB passive crossover allows the tweeters to sound clean and crisp.
  • Have high power handling capabilities and at the same time can run well on a low power supply.
  • They are low impedance tweeters making them sensitive with the factory wires.
  • Tweeters are built to last.
  • They have a fixed mounting pivot making positioning hard.
  1. Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S 1-Inch Tweeter kit


Rockford is among the best reputable car audio system makers.  They have made a simple to install and responsive car tweeter. The tweeters have a maximum power rating of 80 Watts. The dome is ½ inch making it very responsive when it comes to high frequencies.

When installing them, they will fit many positions and angles because of their flush and surface mounting design which promotes angle mounting options.  The frequency response range is also high; 2.5 kHz to 22 kHz. This makes sure that you hear all the frequencies.

On it is also an integrated 6dB High Pass crossover for filtering out and equalization. It ensures that the high frequencies are the only frequencies coming out of the tweeters making the sound quality of what you hear clear and crisp.

The set of tweeters have a high sensitivity of 72.5 dB meaning that it can capture and respond well even at the low power supply. Included are installation grills which will protect the delicate domes. Also, other mounting and installation accessories are included.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
  • High sensitivity for clarity even at low power.
  • They have a high-frequency response.
  • Can handle high power supply.
  • Allows multiple mounting configurations.
  • Fitted with HP filter for maximum sound quality.
  • Extremely harsh.
  1. Pioneer pro Series TS-B400PRO 4″ 500W Bullet TweeterPioneer Pro Series Bullet Tweeter 


Are you looking for a bullet tweeter? Pioneer has made this incredible tweeter. It has titanium diaphragm and aluminum die-sat chassis. What this does is that it allows the tweeter to be more responsive and to project the output frequency well.

The size and the look are perfect for car installation and decoration. The magnets and the assembly also have a good finish which makes the tweeter durable. You can also still use it on your home speakers. It works well with high-end speakers.

When it comes to directing sound, they are amazing.  You can set them at different angles and you will still have the best results.  It does not require much of equalization or filtering since the sound quality is already clear and crisp.

The tweeter gives the best results if paired with a factory head unit. You therefore, don’t have to worry about replacing the whole unit if you don’t have a plan of doing so. Another thing that you should note is that these are not vocal tweeters. They are a good addition to your midrange and bass speakers. They have good reverb, high delays and stereo imaging.

Regarding where to install them, they perform well if installed at the back of the car.  They also work well on a 4-channel amp so that you can play at high volumes. The amp, however, should have an output of 4 ohms. This is to ensure that that the fidelity of the sound is maintained throughout the volume range.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
  • Well sized magnet assembly and overall finish.
  • Very directive and responsive.
  • Compatible with most head units and factory head units.
  • High sound quality, clear and crisp quality.
  • More defined stereo imaging.
  • It is not compatible with all receivers.
  1. Polk Audio DB1001 1-Inch Silk/Polymer Composite Dome Tweeters


These 1-inch tweeters are made for marine conditions but are also good tweeters for cars. They have a maximum power handling capacity of 180 watts.  This means that you can run them on powerful amplifiers. They are also equipped with neodymium magnet for clear and detailed highs.

Another amazing feature that you will like with the Polk Audio tweeters is that they are fitted with a flush mount which swivels. What this does is that it allows placement, optimization, and flexibility. They sound good without a crossover and are clear and louder with more mid frequencies.

This is because they already have an in-line 12dB/octave passive crossover. What’s more, these tweeters also have a good staging effect, especially when installing on the dash. The sound quality is smooth and better than those of a factory speaker.

When it comes to imaging, these tweeters are the best. They are very directive and boost the required frequencies towards the front. At maximum volume, they handle the power without any distortion. The easy installation process is also another thing that you will like about these tweeters, they have an easy mounting system.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
  • High power handling capacity.
  • Surface mount swivels perfectly for placement flexibility.
  • Perfect sound imaging.
  • Passive crossover for clear and crystal sound.
  • They are built with strong and durable materials to withstand tough conditions
  • They have a tendency of blowing out.
  1. Alpine SPS-110TW Type-S 1” silk dome tweeter set


These are high power handling tweeters with RMS power capacity of 100W peak power capacity of 300 W. The one-inch pure silk dome tweeters are designed for a high and wide frequency range of 1kHz to 22kHz. It is also designed to ensure that the sound does not come out too sharp or too low. This ensures that it completes the sound frequency spectrum.

Posing and imaging are important when considering tweeters; what is good about these tweeters is that they have 15-degree swivel flush mount for positioning and placement. Mounting is also stealth for mounting them into any car without any modifications.

Forget drilling deep holes, these mounts are only ¾ inches deep allowing for flush mounting. As a result, they can fit almost anywhere. What amazes about these tweeters is that they sound great even without an amplifier.

The sound put out without amplifier is detailed. Even with an amp, they can be pushed high without any distortion.  They are excellent sounding while being budget friendly. What even makes them better is the mounting options.

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What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
  • Multiple Mounting options.
  • High and wide frequency range.
  • High power handling capacity.
  • Low impedance.
  • Inbuild crossover.
  • Distort at high volumes.

Wrap up

Those are our five best car tweeters. They have good features and are also good for the budget. We hope that they will help in your quest for the best car tweeters. JBL GTO19T Component Tweeters is the winner of the day. If you are looking for the best car tweeters for the money then this is it.

They are made with a soft dome that features oversized voice coil for wide sound deliver. These tweeters can also be pushed further than what they have been made to. They also sound clear at high volumes with low chances of distortion at high volumes. These tweeters can be run on 5 watts RMS.

These tweeters have low impedance meaning that they will be good with factory wires. They also have an inbuilt crossover for sound separation and more clear sounds.  For this and many more features, we would like to recommend it for you. We hope you found one that you have liked, please share with us. Let us know what we missed as well so that we can write about it next time.

What are the Best 4x6 Car Speakers

Best 4×6 Speakers, Best 4×6 Car Speakers On The Market Reviews

By Brian Casey

Looking for the best aftermarket speakers can sometimes be hectic. If you are really into it, you would want to settle for nothing less than the best. Sound quality determines the mood inside your car. It is enjoyable to drive while having a live stage experience and the only way to get that experience is by owning the best car speakers.

Speakers come in different sizes, and the most common one is 4×6 speakers. Just like other speakers, finding the best 4×6 car speakers will come to keeping in mind some few important factors. In this comprehensive post, you will come across everything you need to get the best 4×6 speakers. We have also reviewed five best 4×6 speakers keeping in mind the important factors.

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

What To Consider When Looking For The Best 4×6 Speakers

Before you do any shopping, there are some crucial factors you will need to consider. It is important you gather some details about the speakers that are already in your car. Some of the details and factors to consider include the following;

#1- Coaxial Or Component Speakers  

The argument about which one to go for between component and coaxial speakers is complicated. There is no simple answer to that argument as it all depends on many factors.  Coaxial speakers are the best when it comes to budget and installation. They, however, have average sound quality.

If you are a high quality music lover and you want the best quality from your speakers, component speakers might be the best choice.  They offer the best sound quality and staging. They are, however, expensive and difficult to install.

#2- Power Handling

Another key feature you will need to look at is the power handling capabilities of the speaker. Is the speaker able to handle the power being input by the head unit or the amplifier? This means that you will need to check the ratings of your amplifier or the head unit before you go for any speaker. If you are planning to install the whole system, then it is good to go for the head units and the amplifier first.

What is power handling? It refers to the level of power one can pump through the speakers measured in Watts. The most given power handling ratings are RMS and the Peak or the maximum value. The important value is the RMS (Root Mean Square). Make sure that it is within what the amplifier and the head unit can supply.

#3- Configuration

Most of the people get mixed up between getting 2-way or 3-way speakers. So, what is the difference between the two and which one should you go for? First, what is speaker configuration? A speaker’s configuration is the number of drivers a speaker has.
The 2-way speaker has two drivers which are a woofer and a tweeter. A 2-way speaker has more bass combined with mid bass and separated high frequencies. A 3-way speaker, on the other hand, has 3 drivers.
These are a woofer, a mid-range driver and a tweeter. It produces separate bass, mid frequencies and high frequencies. A 3-way speaker will sound better than a 2-way speaker

#4- Sensitivity

Another key factor to look for if you are looking for the best 4×6 speakers is sensitivity. Sensitivity is how louder a speaker will get if supplied with certain power. A speaker with higher sensitivity means it will require less power to get louder while that with low sensitivity speaker will require more power. Most standard speakers have sensitivities between 88dB to 92 dB.

#5- Speaker Build quality

One of the major reasons why you are upgrading is to get good quality speakers. Most of the factory speakers do not have quality materials. They, therefore, degrade over time.  You need to ensure that you reap the most from your upgraded speakers. One of the ways to do that is by buying a speaker made with the high quality material.

Some of the materials to look at are the surrounding material. Rubber surround is the best for durability. For cone materials; polypropylene that is mixed with mica is the best when it comes to cone materials. Metal-coated synthetic fabrics are the best for durability and long-time performance.

#6- Compatibility

Compatibility plays a crucial role in getting aftermarket speakers. Before you spend any cash on buying your new speakers, you will need to find out if the potential speakers are compatible with your car. Are they made in a manner that they can fit into the factory speaker points of any car without any modifications?

#7- Cost of the speakers

Determine your budget before you do any purchases.  This will ensure that you remain in the range of your budget. You can also change the budget in favor of the best speakers.

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Top  Best Rated 4x6 Car Audio Speakers To Buy 2018

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


This is a 4 by 6 inches full range speaker that excels in sound production quality and budget. The sound quality is attributed to the butyl rubber surround that keeps the cone flexible and durable. It has a VAST surround giving more radiating cone area. The cone is also propylene injected and mineral-filled for great sound production. The tweeter, on the other hand, has a PEI dome tweeter.

Still, on sound production, it has a frequency response of between 90Hz to 22 kHz. This means that you will hear most of the mid bass and less sub bass sounds. It works better if linked up with a subwoofer. Other than that, you will hear plenty of the high frequencies. It also has a good sensitivity of 90dB at 1 watt per meter. This means that it has excellent loudness even with low power input.

Regarding installation, it is fitted with a flex fit basket which is compatible with factory speaker locations. The frame uses slots, unlike most speakers which use single screw sized holes. What this does is that it allows you to do some adjustments as you install the speaker in place. There will be no need for more holes.

Most of the time, you will find other speakers with exposed crossovers which increases the threat of the speakers getting damaged. Luckily for these speakers, they feature integrated concealed crossover. Here the crossover is hidden allowing easier installation and cleaner look.

What We Like

  • The speakers have slots instead of single screw holes for quick installation.
  • VAST surround for the large radiating area.
  • The sound quality is well balanced between mid-bass and the high frequencies.
  • Works well with an external amplifier.
  • Has low power handling capacity of 30 Watts RMS meaning at low power it can still work

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not good with bass and distorts at high volumes of bass.


Are you looking for the best sounding 2-way speaker system? Here is one of them. Kenwood has designed an elegant and outstanding speaker system. The current performance is good with so many users praising its performance in bass and sound propagation. The speaker system is made of a woofer and a tweeter.

The woofer is made of injected molded polypropylene cone woofer making the cone flexible and ready to produce bass. The woofer is also designed to give bass as low as 60Hz. With enough power, it produces a decent bass.  They also sound great when installed on the dashboard.  The woofer and the tweeter give a clean and crisp sound together.

They also excel in installation. Their 4-inch by 6-inch size will fit perfectly to the factory installation points. You will not require any kind of modifications.  These speakers have a great high-power handling capacity. They can work perfectly with high-power head units. Basically, these are the be

For more information: Best Kenwood Car Speakers

What We Like

  • Sound clean and crisp.
  • Easy to install and highly compatible.
  • Good for the budget.
  • Can handle high power head units.
  • Great improvement over the factory speakers

What We Didn’t Like

  • They lack speaker grilles and installation manual.


Alpine SPS-406 speaker set consists of well sounding speakers that are made to suit any vehicle. The high efficient speakers are designed with a power handling rating of 45 watts RMS. This means that even at low power input, it can still work well.

It also has a peak value of 140 watts and an impedance of around 3.6 ohms. This means that it won’t consume a lot of power from the amplifier or drive the amplifier too hard. On sound quality, it has an outstanding sound quality with a frequency response of 93Hz to 22 kHz.

With this kind of frequency response, the speakers will have a low bass response but an excellent response on the higher frequencies. The speaker also has a sensitivity of 87dB meaning it will respond louder even with low power supply.

Another unique feature of this speaker set is that it has a poly-mica cone and optimized magnet voice coil motor technology. The voice coil is a square-wire short voice coil ensuring that every electrical signal that comes in as input is successfully converted into sound.

Sometimes speakers tend to overheat leading to a shorter time span. These speakers, however, have optimized air flow design. On matters regarding installation, these speakers allow shallow mounting because they have a stamped shallow frame which allows quick installation.

What We Like

  • Unique woofer material.
  • Square-wire short voice coil for efficient sound conversion.
  • Optimized air-flow design for effective cooling.
  • It has a larger speaker for greater sound.
  • Perfect for tunes with high frequencies.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Low bass response.


This is yet another set of 2-way speakers made of a woofer and a tweeter. These best 4×6 speakers have an extended dynamic range. The tweeters are made of a silk dome. This is to allow smooth sound instead of sharp piercing sound that can sometimes be annoying.

The woofer, on the other hand, has a polypropylene cone with a tough rubber surround. This is to ensure that even at high volumes, the speaker remains intact and does not distort.

On matters regarding power handling, the speakers also have an impedance rating of 4 Ohms which is within the standard range of many good sounding speakers. They have a high-power handling capacity of RMS 75 Watts and the peak value of 150 Watts. This means that they will require a little powerful head unit. They also have a standard sound sensitivity of 88dB at 1 Watt.

Regarding the sound quality, the speakers have excellent performance. They have a frequency response of 50Hz to 20 kHz.  With this wide dynamic range, the speaker will have a high bass response of as low as 50Hz and high frequency response of as high as 20 kHz.

These speakers also fit many GM vehicles and offer quick installation. The speakers have a mounting diameter of 4-inches by 16-inches. They have a top mount depth of 16 inches and bottom mount depth of 2 inches.

What We Like

  • Wide frequency response or dynamic range.
  • Accurate bass and smooth high frequency response.
  • Accurate power handling ratings.
  • Clean mid-range and highs.
  • Good for the price.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It lacks speaker grilles for protection.


This is a 3-way full-range speaker set consisting of a woofer, a mid-range driver, and a tweeter. These drivers allow a wider dynamic range of deep bass, wide mid frequencies as well as smooth and crisp high frequencies. The woofer consists of a wide rigid multilayer mica matrix cone structure for wide dispersion of sound.  

On the woofer are a midrange driver and tweeter which are designed to deliver a wider range of mid to high frequencies. The speaker consists of a 200 Watts max power and a lower 30-watt nominal power. This means that even at a low power supply, the speaker will still respond well.  

Since the speaker can work at the high power supply, the speaker has high chances of overheating. To ensure that the speaker remains cool, Pioneer added a cooling basket to this speaker hence enhancing its power handling capabilities.

Another great feature of this speaker is its new spider design. The new design incorporates a material similar to the one used in the PRS series. This material is commonly used in high-end component speakers which offer stiffer suspension and accurate respon

What We Like

  • Highly compatible.
  • Clear and crisp sound.
  • High power handling performance.
  • Fitted with a cooling mechanism.
  • New spider design that offers an accurate response.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Most of them are prone to blowing after some few months of use.

Wrap up

Those are our five best 4×6 speakers that we had for you. Normally, this would be the best time to announce our pick for you. Among the five speakers, the best that we would recommend for you is 4×6 Rockford Fosgate Speakers. We are doing this first because of their sound quality.

They are made of a unique cone material which is a mineral-filled cone that radiates over a huge area. The rubber surrounds also make the cone flexible and durable. The dynamic range is also fair and suitable for daily use.

They also have a standard sensitivity meaning that even at a low power supply, they can still be loud. Installing these speakers is another key thing that we looked and we found that they are the best. Unlike most speakers, these use slots which allow adjustments without drilling new holes or doing major modifications. They are also compatible with most cars.

Those are some of the unique features of our choice product. The other speakers are also the best and have unique features too. Which one did you like the most? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Best Kenwood Speakers

Best Kenwood Speakers Reviews | Top Rated Kenwood Car Speaker To Buy

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Being a fanatic of a specific brand of car speakers takes heart and loyalty. Loyalty is just never given for free; it takes performance and delivery. Some of the best car speaker makers are Kenwood. Kenwood has been a specialist of car speakers and audio devices for a long time and has over the ages produced their products through a series of updates and improvements.

Most of the best Kenwood speakers are easy to install, cheap and have good sound quality. We, therefore, thought it would be such a great idea if we shared them with those of you who are fanatics or audiophiles on the hunt for the best car speakers. That is why we dug deep to find the best Kenwood speakers available in the market.

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What Are The Best JBL Car Speakers To Buy

What Are The Best JBL Car Speakers To Buy In The World Reviews & Buying Guide

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JBL is a speaker manufacturing company that has nearly 61 years in the market. It was founded in the year 1946, and since then this company has been making audio devices.  With this kind of experience, they can deliver high quality speakers. Their speakers have become famous and developed a reputable brand with loyal fans.

Are you among the loyal fans or among those who want to join the list of the loyal fans? Are you desperately hunting for the best JBL car speakers? You are definitely on the right track. In this review article, we are going to consider some of the JBL car speakers available at great prices, having right features and many more.

In this review article as well, you will find some guiding factors that will enable you to choose the best JBL car speakers.

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How Do Car Speakers Work

How Do Car Speakers Work | Get To Know More About Car Speakers: How Do Car Speakers Work?

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So you have been listening to your music every day in your car, and you are wondering about the technology behind the working of your car speakers. Speakers are generally output devices that convert electrical signals into sound signals. The speakers allow us to listen to cool music in our cars as we drive around.

But how do car speakers work? This is an important question that can be answered in so many ways. In this article, however, this question shall be answered in the simplest way possible so keep reading to find out.

We are going to get into the details regarding how speakers work and explore more about the types, sizes and anything else worth knowing about car speakers.

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Top Best 4 Inch Car Speakers On The Market Reviews & Buying Guide

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Four inch car stereo speakers are pretty much ubiquitous, being one of the most widely used sizes in the car audio world. While many people opt to upgrade them to something larger, a full overhaul of the system within a car isn’t on everyone’s menu. If you’ve been looking for the best 4 inch car speakers around then you’re in the right place, let’s jump into the nitty gritty and then we’ll show you how to decide which is best for you.

Top Rated Best 4" Car Audio Speakers Reviews On The Market 

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

*Last update on %last_update% PST - Details

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best car speakers reviews

The Best Car Audio Speakers Reviews 2018 In The World, Best Car Speakers

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Music is a great companion when traveling. With external disturbances, listening to music from low-quality speakers can be disturbing at times. The situation will worsen especially when your favorite music kicks in and you stretch your hands to crank up the volume and what you hear next is the sound of your speakers rattling. This normally happens if your car audio speakers are of poor quality.

To help you get your hand to the best car speakers, we prepared this post. We have dug deeper into the webs and from our experience to bring you our 10 best car speakers. We have considered so many factors in coming up with this list including budget, performance and other factors discussed at the end of the review.

Top Best Rated Car Speakers Brands Reviews On The Market

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Why Did My Car Radio Stop Working | Car Radio Not Turning On? Here are 10 possible reasons

By Brian Casey

If you are used to driving with your music playing, things will get difficult when your radio stops to work. Radio entertainment might not be as necessary as such, but it is good for safety and just keeping the mood as you travel. It is also great for learning what is going around you.

Is your car radio not working? There are so many reasons why your radio is not working. If you recently upgraded your radio audio system, then the problem might be with the head unit, the speakers or the fuses. For you to get these reasons in details, we are going to discuss each of them in details.

How does a car radio work?

The operation of a radio starts from the power supply and ends in the output of sound by the speakers. A radio pulls power from the alternator which is supplied by the battery. A wiring system is established to connect the alternator to the radio and the radio to the speakers. The radio will also receive signals from the antenna.

Radios also require fuses to get protected from power surges or power spikes. Some aftermarket radios will also work hand in hand with amplifiers and other components. Such systems will require more complex installation techniques.

With a failure of these components, it means the radio signal output will also be affected. That is why the radio failing to work might not be directly due to the radio but also the components the radio is wired with.  With this in mind, let’s now look at some reasons why radios fail to work.


Reasons why your car radio is not working

1- Protection mode

Did you upgrade your car audio system? Your radio may not be working because the protection mode has been turned on. Some aftermarket systems come with a special security feature that protects the system from theft. It works in such a way that when there is a power interruption, the head unit by default goes off and is rendered useless.

Check whether your upgraded system has this feature. If your car system happens to have it, then you may need to perform a special procedure for you to get it back to work. The procedure is most likely to be found in the manufacturer’s manual. If you cannot access it, then you may need to contact the manufacturers for guidance.

2. No power supply

Another reason why your car radio is not working is because it does not receive any power supply. There are so many reasons why this is so, here are some common ones;

3. Wire connection

Wiring can be challenging especially for an upgraded system. A loose wire somewhere will mean that the radio will not be working at all. You will need to check for this connection when your radio is dead. The best way to identify if the wiring has problems is using a voltage meter. Start with testing the ground wire (black), accessory wire (red) and constant (yellow).

If the wiring is good, then the voltmeter should read 12 volts or the voltage equal to your source. If you realize that there are disparities, it will be good to check with your car’s wiring diagram.

Check for loose connection points or points that have been cut or peeled off. Ground wires can be disturbing if they are not correctly grounded. Ensure that they are attached to metallic frames of your car’s body.

4. Blown fuses

This is may be the problem with your radio if it does not turn on completely. The main reason why it is not working is that these blown fuses do not let the power to the radio, amps or the speakers. You will need to locate the blown fuses by using a voltmeter or consult a mechanic or car audio system diagnosis professional.

Some of the fuses to look for are the amp fuses and radio fuses on the car’s fuse block. To find whether a fuse works or is blown, connect the multimeter across the fuse. Then check for any readings.

If the meter picks any reading then the fuse works. But if it does not read then the fuse is blown. If you are lucky to identify it by yourself, you can replace the blown fuses with new ones.

5. Power protection mode

If your radio works via an external amplifier and has stopped working, the amplifier most probably has gone to power protection mode.  The amp will go off if the alternator is producing too much power than what the amplifier can handle. That is why the radio signal does not go through to the speakers.

The reverse also might be happening, if your battery is low, the alternator will definitely supply low and fluctuating power which will activate the amplifier’s protection mode. Another reason why an amp will go to protection mode is due to a short. If you have a wire that is shorting the system, then that might be the cause of your car radio not working.

6. Alternator wine

Sometimes you might hear winning white noise that come and disappear when you turn your radio on especially when the engine is running. This is the alternator winning that is normally caused by a bad ground to the head unit or the speakers.

To solve this problem, you will be required to identify the ground wires and locate a better position to connect them. The best places to do so is on your car’s frame or the body of the car.

7. Damaged antenna

This is a common problem if the CD player works well, but the radio itself does not work. The problem might be with the antenna wire. A broken antenna will not receive signals, and therefore you will only be hearing white noise. Check the antenna wire, it might be disconnected and might need a little soldering or crimping.

The tuner also might be having a problem. Try troubleshooting it, if the tuner is damaged you might need to replace the whole head unit.

8. Speakers wires and the speakers 

You might be digging too dip and forgetting the speakers. The reason why you might not be hearing anything is because the speakers are disconnected. Running a check on the wires will be necessary to confirm that the speakers are just alright.

The speakers themselves might also be blown. The speakers might have blown and that is why you have a poor sound out of them, or the system is not working completely. You may need to check the condition of the speakers as well.

9. Faulty head unit

You may be running on an old head unit, and you may need to replace it. The wires and the technology itself might be outdated, and it might need a new replacement. Some new head units also might be faulty.

Many people complain of ordering new head units, and they arrive when faulty already. In this case, you might be careful with your seller’s refund policy before doing any order.

10. Head unit settings

It might look silly, but this might be the cause why your radio is not working. Settings like volume level, fade, balance and pan control knobs might not be well set and therefore affecting the radio signal coming out of the speakers.

Before doing any deep diagnosis, these are the areas to begin with. Ensure that they are on their default points.

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Wrap Up

There you have it on why your car radio may not be working. The reason why your radio fails to work may be a very simple one and at times a very complex one. Before taking any action that may be costly, it is recommended to try diagnosing the problem before deciding to venture into and expensive remedy.

It is always advisable to follow the right steps when diagnosing your car audio system. If need be, you should consult a professional for more guidance and advice. They might have a clear recommendation on your car radio not working. Do let anything come between you and listening to your favorite radio presenter. Make sure everything is sorted out.


Who else wants to know How to tell if a speaker is blown?

By Brian Casey

Nothing can describe the feeling that is felt when your speaker is playing your favorite jam, and all over sudden it shuts down or loses energy. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether your speaker has jammed or it is your system. You will need to know how to tell if a speaker is blown to diagnose such problems.

On the worst case scenario, you might go for new speakers, and the problem is because of some faults in how the wiring was done. That is why it is important to know the steps of diagnosing and telling whether your car speaker is blown or not.

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