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Speakers can be a magnet for dust, dirt and debris. If you don’t clean them, the dust or debris will over time affect the performance of the speaker. Car speakers are normally mounted in locations that are susceptible to dust suffocation. Knowing how to clean car speakers starts with understanding the components of an installed speaker.

A speaker is made of a grill for decoration, a cloth to protect the speaker components from dust and the speakers themselves. With that in mind, here is a guide on how to clean car speakers. You can also watch this quick video that will help in equipping you with the necessary car speaker cleaning skills.


Step By Step Guide To Clean Car Speakers

To successfully finish this process, there are several things that you will need. You will need a 2-flat blade screwdriver, compressed air can, soft brush, cotton cloth or a rag and mild soapy water.

  • Step 1: Brush the grills

First, before you can dust off the speakers, you will need to remove them from where they are hidden. Use a soft brush to brush the grills.

  • Step 2: Remove the grills

Remove the grills and the cover cloth by removing the screws that hold the speakers to the door panel. Use a screwdriver in removing the screws.

  • Step3: Brush the cones

If the grills are removable, remove them then gently brush the cones. Use the brush to remove any dirt, dust and debris that might have accumulated around the cone. Be careful when brushing the cones, they are made of paper material and can easily get damaged. Do not also forget areas around the cone.

  • Step 4: Using a vacuum cleaner

For you to clean out the dust, you will need to blast out the dust that is stuffed inside the grill cloth. One of the ways to do that is using a vacuum cleaner. Lower the pressure to almost a gentle summer breeze.

If you use high pressure, be prepared to damage your car speaker’s diaphragm.  High pressure is likely to destroy the diaphragm which is responsible for sound production.

  • Step 5: Use mild soap and soaked cloth

With the dust off the grills and the cones, you will need to wipe the grills clean. To do that, use water, mild soap and a rag. Clean the area around the speaker, wipe the grills and the cones. Ensure that the rag is not so soaked to avoid having the water being seeped into the cone. This will destroy the internal components of the speaker. Wipe off any stains, finger prints and allow the grill to dry before reattaching it back.

  • Step 6: Screw back the grill and the speaker

Now that you have your speaker clean as a slate, it is time to place everything back to how they were before. If you removed the speakers, ensure that any wiring plugs are back into their original positions.

Test the speakers if they are functioning properly. Listen carefully and try relating to how they sounded earlier. If they sound alright, place the grill cloth into position and then use the screwdrivers to drive the screws into place. With everything in place, test the speakers again.

How To Clean Other Parts Of The Car Music System

  • Cleaning the tweeters

With the tricky and soft dome, how can one clean a tweeter? Soft dome tweeters are a no go zone when cleaning. You might be tempted to take a vacuum cleaner and blow them off not knowing that you are doing more harm than good.

The best thing to do is to leave them the way they are or gently blow them. The small amount of dust that does not get blown out will have little impact on the sound quality of the tweeter.

  • Cleaning the amplifier

Cleaning an amplifier is simple. You will need a contact cleaner or alcohol with 98% Isopropyl and venerable cotton swab. If your system runs on a painted amp, use a mild cleaner that has been sprayed onto.

Note this; under no circumstance should you spray onto your amplifier. Liquid and an amplifier have never worked together. This brings us to the reason why alcohol is used when cleaning. Alcohol does not wet electrical appliances; instead, it vaporizes so fast without interfering with the electrical system.

The same applies to raw metal amps; you can, however, use a little metal polish like flits. The process of cleaning an amplifier also includes checking for wire connections.  If you used bare wire connections, check for corrosions, re-strip the wire and tie them tight again.

  • Cleaning the head unit

Any dust off your head unit can be removed by using a spray can. The compressed air from the spray bottle will forcefully remove the dust from the circuitry of the head unit. An electronic switch cleaner can remove the grimy fingerprints that are most definitely not yours.

Do not use alcohol or any solvent. The electronic switch cleaner is plastic safe if sprayed directly onto sticky buttons.

How To Maintain Your Car Speakers And Audio System

Regular maintenance of your car speakers will prolong the life span of your speakers. It starts with you and how good you love your car audio system. There are several ways to maintain your car speakers so that you have the maximum return out of it. Here are some 10 tips on how to maintain your car speakers and the audio system in general;

  • Set the audio volume properly-Before turning the engine on, ensure that the audio volume is well set. This will ensure that the highest volume will not exceed the maximum limit. Exceeding the limit will destroy the speaker.
  • Set the treble, mid and the bass at the appropriate level-They should be well balanced to reduce distortion and excessive vibration of the cone.
  • Check the power connections-There might be a lot of current flowing in your car. Grounds should be checked to ensure that they are still tight and not corroded. The same should be done for the battery terminals and any electrical distribution system in your car. This will ensure that the speakers remain safe.
  • Protect your speakers-The speaker that suffers from carelessness among most car owners is the subwoofer. Protect the subwoofer, grill it and ensure that the trunk is clean. If you have to put your groceries into the trunk, place them carefully in such a way that cannot hurt the subwoofer.
  • Keep them where they are unreachable by dust-Dust affects the performance of any audio system components. Ensure that they are dust protected.
  • Regularly clean the system-When cleaning your amps; ensure that you do not use liquid cleaners as they might cause some damage to the amplifier.
  • Do not keep the speakers near any magnetic sources-Exposure to any external magnetic field will destroy the internal magnetic field of the speaker.
  • Avoid exposure to too much heat-Excessive heat affects the performance of the speakers. Ensure that your speaker locations are vented and the speakers themselves are also vented. This is to ensure that there is enough air circulation and the speakers are cooled as they work.
  • Check the wirings-Wiring is very important for any kind of a system. Ensure that the plugs are plugged well, junctions are well connected. Check for loose ends; loose ends affect the sound quality of the speaker. Wrong connections can also blow up the system.
  • Practice proper maintenance-Follow maintenance instructions on your speaker and audio system manual guide. Some guides provide detailed instructions to enhance the life span of the speakers.

Final words

How long your speakers and your car’s audio system last will depend on how you the listener take care of them. For you to reap the maximum performance from your speaker, you should establish a close and lasting relationship with your car audio system.

You should ensure that they are regularly maintained. We hope that this article on how to clean car speakers will help you in keeping your speakers “healthy.” Keep enjoying your music as you cruise around in your car by ensuring that your speakers are always clean.


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