How To Make Car Speakers Louder Without An Amplifier

If you are a car owner, you probably should have, on one or more occasions, considered improving the audio system of your car. And no doubt, on more occasions, you would have opted on getting a new amplifier or adding more speakers. Since getting an amplifier is quite expensive, this is often a headache for car owners. But do you know you can increase the sound of your car speaker without an amplifier?

Apropos of this, this article pinpoints and explains the ways you can make your car speakers louder without an amplifier.


Ways to Make Your Car Speaker Louder without an Amplifier 

So here's the real deal! You can make the  quintessential amplifier, as it may seem, look quite useless, as per your car speaker. So how do you it? There are major ways these can be achieved:

  • Damping
  • Use of Subwoofers
  • Applying Noninvasive Add-ons
  • Getting Fresh Cable Connections 

I. Damping: 

 So you're seeing “damping” and you must be probably wondering what kinda word is that. The complete best way to increase the sound quality of your car without the use of an amplifier is to, as much as possible, reduce the noise coming from the inside of your vehicle. This is exactly what damping is. The lesser sound the interior of your car emits, the more you get to appreciate the sound coming from your car’s audio system.

In summary, the aim of damping is to, as much as possible, minimize the sound which your car produces as a result of its vibration during motion. Damping involves adding an insulating material that insulates your vehicle panels, leading to less vibration, less noise and subsequent increase in the sound of your car speaker. Now,  what areas should be dampened to increase the sound of your car:

#1- Doors: 

One major area to dampen in your car to increase the sound of the car speakers are your doors. This is because the doors of your car contribute, to a large extent, the interior noise from your car. There are a number of damping materials you can use for this and a good one is the Dynamic SuperLite Tripak Kit.

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#2- Engine: 

No doubt, your car engine is another very important area of your vehicle which contributes to the interior noise of your car. Thus, damping the engine will go a long way to improve the quality of your car’s audio system. The damping products for car doors aren't used for car engines. Thus, the Dynamic SuperLite Tripak kit can't be used here. A very good damping product for car engines is the Stinger Expert Roadkill Hood Liner Kit which is produced by Stinger.

#3- Floor: 

​Keeping in mind that the floor of your car is the area of your car which is most closely related to the ground, it is quite self explanatory that  the floor of your car will also contribute to the bulk of your car’s interior noise. Thus, it is necessary to also dampen your car floor. A very good dampener for your car floor is Dynamat Xtreme Mega Pak. And just before I forget, when dampening your car floor, you should always make sure to cover the entire floor of the car, including the rear seats and the muffles. Best advice is to cover anything which you can see!

#4- Boot: 

​If you drive a sedan or saloon car, your boot is another area which you should dampen. This is especially needed if you're like me, and your subwooofer trunk is at your boot. Apart from the subwooofers, luggages can also contribute a great deal to the interior noise from your car, especially if you are an uber driver or involved in road transport. A good dampener for the boot of your car is the Ballistic SSTKT Trunk Kit. This dampener is absolutely amazing. You won't need more than this to dampen the boot of your car.

II. Use of Subwoofers: 

A very good alternative to getting a new amplifier, is getting a subwoofer. Subwoofers are very excellent sound improvers. In addition to having an excellent bass for your car audio system, subwooofers also help save a couple of bucks too because they are not as costly as amplifiers. They may be used alone or in conjunction with an amplifier.

Subwoofers function like loud speakers. They increase the sounds which your car audio system emits and make you the center of attraction while you drive down the road. After getting your new subwooofer, it is strongly advised that you get the help of a professional to make the installation. Anyway though, if you have a subwooofer before, you might not need to get a new one. You can follow these steps to make your subwooofers better:

  • Place your subwooofer in a particular corner in your car, especially in a corner which is not likely to vibrate. This act alone can boost the decibels produced by the subwoofers without having to use the amplifier. It is also believed that the best sound of a subwooofer is gotten when it is placed in an asymmetrical position relative to two walls. That is, to get the best out of your subwooofers, you should not place them an equal distance between two walls.
  • Adjust the phase of your subwooofer to the loudest bass and make sure it's in phase with the rest of your car audio system. You should fine-tune the controls and parameters so they get aligned with the rest of your car audio system. An improperly adjusted subwooofers will get your speakers competing for sound with your subwooofers. Think of how horrible that will be? It is hence important to fine-tune your subwooofers to match with your speakers. If you can't do this, get a professional to help.

III. Use of Non-invasive Add-ons: 

​When you don't feel like getting a dampener or a subwooofer, you can try out non-invasive add-ons. Thanks to the world of technology, there are lots of gadgets which you can use in place of your car audio system. Apart from increasing the tune of your car sound system, the non-invasive add-ons are very easy to use and can be carried around. With non-invasive add-ons, you can have access to audio information which you have stored on your phone.

Before you get a non-invasive add-on, you should make your research. Take a look at different options. Research on the various gadgets available and make a good choice. Some of the features you should check for include portability, sound quality and number of accessible stations. Portable satellite radios are often a good fit.

 They are well portable with access to many stations. Another option is the special bluetooth kits. You can listen to songs from your mobile device (smartphone or iPod) through your stereo via special bluetooth kits (for smartphones) and iPod adaptors (for iPods) . Any option you go for will work just fine. An additional plus to the use of non-invasive add-ons is that they are quite cheap, at least, you don't have to bother about changing your speaker or getting a new amplifier.

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IV. Getting Fresh Cable Connections

Nothing lasts forever! Same as wires! Yeah, we know they're wires, but they also need to be checked and replaced. Wires are made of metallic material which go bad after some time. This will go on to affect electrical signalling within the audio circuit , eventually leading to poor sound. Regularly, fresh cable connections should be used to replace the old ones. It is recommended you get the help of a professional to change the cables. With fresh cable connections, good signals will be reestablished and eventually leading to a revitalized sound experience from your car.

V. Other Methods 

#1- Using Capacitors: 

 This will be really helpful if you are using a subwooofer. The capacitor will help store up the power which is supposed to be dissipiated if it wasn't there. After playing a high bass song, there is often a drop in performance of your car’s system. This is because of the high energy dissipated by your car speaker and amplifier during the course of the song. The capacitor will store up this power and thus prevents it from being lost to the environment.

#2- Play Quality Music: 

​This might seem surprising and to some, uncalled for. But in truth, the quality of your music adds to the quality of sound your car speaker produces. This is because it is what you give your car speaker, that it reproduces. You give it poor quality, it returns the favor. You give it high quality, it also returns the favor. Hence, when compressing your file, do not go to the extreme. The higher the size of the file, the higher the quality of the file. And the higher the quality of the file, the better the quality of the sound.


With this brief piece of information, you can now go on cruising your car with an excellent sound system. Did you enjoy this piece? Let me know via your comments.

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