What Are The Best JBL Car Speakers To Buy In The World Reviews & Buying Guide

JBL is a speaker manufacturing company that has nearly 61 years in the market. It was founded in the year 1946, and since then this company has been making audio devices.  With this kind of experience, they can deliver high quality speakers. Their speakers have become famous and developed a reputable brand with loyal fans.

Are you among the loyal fans or among those who want to join the list of the loyal fans? Are you desperately hunting for the best JBL car speakers? You are definitely on the right track. In this review article, we are going to consider some of the JBL car speakers available at great prices, having right features and many more.

In this review article as well, you will find some guiding factors that will enable you to choose the best JBL car speakers.


Top Best Rated JBL Car Speakers On The Market

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#1- JBL GTO939 Premium 6 x 9 Inches Co-Axial Speaker –JBL Car Speakers 6x9- Editor’s pick

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Are you looking for the best 6×9 speaker to install in your car? This one will be the one to go for. First, it is amazing by how it designed to produce enough bass. It has large carbon injected cones. This allows the speaker to move a large volume of air while vibrating. A large volume of air displaced means a heavy and punchy bass. You may not need a subwoofer having these speakers.

The second feature that you may probably like about these speakers is that they have soft dome tweeters. Speakers with this kind of tweeters are amazing when it comes to bringing the staging effect to your car. Also, the tweeters have oversized voice coils which allow high heat dissipation and high-power handling. This reduces fatigue and allows for smooth power handling.

Another great feature about these 3-way speakers is that they have a dual-level volume adjustment. The adjustment allows you to more or less compensate irregularities arising from the speaker placement. The level settings can be customized depending on your listening preference. How good is that?

Lastly is that these speakers are 3-ohms speakers, this means that they are good with the delicate wiring system found in most of the modern cars. The in-built 12dB per octave crossovers will ensure that you channel the right frequencies to the right drivers.

Generally, these speakers are good with the bass, mid frequencies and the high frequencies. This means that you will have the capability of listening to most musical elements of your favorite songs.

What We Like

  • They are 3-way speakers. Most of the frequency bands will be covered.
  • The in-built cross overs allow proper channeling of frequencies to the right drivers.
  • They have low impedance (3 ohms) hence can work well with the delicate wires.
  • Large carbon injected cones make these speakers good for bass production.
  • It produces clean highs and punchy lows even without equalization.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The material used to make the cones is flimsy, making it fragile if run on highly powered amplifiers.

#2- JBL GTO429 Premium 4-Inch Co-Axial Speaker-JBL Car Speakers 4 Inch

Via: Amazon.com

These are a pair of budget friendly and best JBL Car speakers system. They are co-axial and 4-inch in size. Even with the small size, they have High RMS handling capacity. This means that they can be pushed even further than normal speakers using a highly powered amplifier. You don’t need to use an external amplifier, however, because they are designed to perform well using the factory head unit or factory-amplifier.

Regarding sound quality, they are excellent. Their cones are designed in such a way that they take a large area hence being able to put out most of the frequencies. The highs are clean, crisp and have minimum cases of distortions. The lows are also punchy.

However, you will not be able to get much from the lows because of their small size. For the best performance, you might need to hook them up with a subwoofer. With this size, they are good with the mid frequencies. They are great for rock, jazz, rap and among other music genres.

Another feature that makes these speakers great is the material used to make them.  The plus one carbon injected cones are stiff and at the same time light. This makes them durable even with exposure to high volumes. The mounts are also strong and steady.

What We Like

  • Budget friendly.
  • Perfect for high and mid frequencies.
  • Easy to install.
  • Compatible with most of the factory head units.
  • Come with flexible mounting. They can be installed in multiple configurations.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The mountings are made of plastic which makes them easy to break.

Via: Amazon.com

This is a set of two cheap and affordable 4-inch coaxial speakers. They are 2-way speakers, meaning that they have a low-range woofer and a tweeter as the drivers. With a frequency range of 75 Hz to 21000 Hz, you will be able to listen to the high frequencies and most of the lower frequencies. They have amazing power handling capacity and work at the peak value of 120 watts and 80 RMS.

The tweeters have a Mylar/ Titanium composite dome which has a remarkable strength and is lightweight. This makes the tweeter well responsive even at high frequencies without distorting. The tweeters have large voice coils which increase power handling and reduce distortion at high volume levels. This means that you can run the tweeter on a powerful amplifier without distorting it.

Another amazing property about GTO628 speakers is that they have built-in crossovers. Unlike most of the speakers which use bass blockers to block the bass from going through to the tweeter, these use low pass and high pass filters which allow proper channeling of frequencies to the right driver. The results are proper equalization and hence improved staging effect.

When it comes to installation, these speakers excel. They do not require special tools or modifications for installation. What also makes them the best JBL car door speakers is that they are compatible with nearly all 4-inch × 6-inch factory OEM installed speakers’ locations.

What We Like

  • 2-ohm design to utilize most of the power from the system.
  • Cheap and Easy to install.
  • High impedance sensitivity of 91dB.
  • Light and strong tweeters.
  • Adjustable tweeter for proper positioning and direction.

What We Didn’t Like

  • They have a low bass response.

#4- JBL GTO609C 6.5-Inch Speaker system-JBL Car Speakers 6.5

Via: Amazon.com

This is a set of 2 speaker system with high quality and is also a little expensive. Are you likely to traverse areas with severe conditions, or are you simply looking for durable speakers? Then these speakers might be the best choice for you. JBL has developed speakers with great resilience and durability.

So, what makes these speakers the best? First is the design. It is designed to produce clean and crisp sound from amplifiers powering up to 270 watts. This makes them ideal for factory amplifier or head units. When it comes to installation, these component speakers are easy to install. The patented I-mount system allows flexibility for surface-mounting or flush-mounting.

The second feature is the cones. The plus one carbon injected cones have high overall cone area, meaning that the cones can radiate a lot of air. The cones are also stiffer and light making them respond well on low frequencies. This brings out the notes that are normally associated with large speakers.

These speakers are great for audiophiles looking for good staging effect inside their cars. They can be installed as both rear and front speakers. The in-built crossovers and the special tweeter properties make them outstanding when it comes to sound quality delivery.

What We Like

  • Designed to withstand severe conditions.
  • Can stand up to 270 watts amplifier.
  • Have clean and sensitive crossovers.
  • Compatible with most of the head units.
  • Good upgrade for a lower budget.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The high-end frequencies are excessively boosted.

Via: Amazon.com

This is another set of the best JBL coaxial speakers measuring 5-inches by 7-inches.  It comes in a good size for the woofer to produce enough bass and also for the unit to house the high frequency tweeter. The two speakers have a combined power handling capacity of 360 Watts. This means that they can handle high power from an external amplifier.

On sound quality, the cones are designed with a plus one carbon injected material which makes them produce sound exactly the way it was recorded.  They also have a good and wide frequency response range which covers frequencies of around 49 Hz to 21000 Hz.

This means that the woofer will cover most of the sub basses which normally lie around 50Hz. This makes this speaker the best JBL car speaker bass. You will, therefore, have a booming bass car. On matters regarding power handling, as mentioned earlier, they have a combined power handling of 360 watts which is higher than most car speakers.

The voice coils have an impedance of 3-ohms giving the speakers a room to operate at 4-ohm once they are powered. This is the level where most of the amplifiers operate at. In this case, the speakers can use the power being given out by the amp very well

The speakers also excel on durability enhancing features. The speakers have vented magnets which have high thermal resistance voice coil. This allows the speakers to dissipate heat hence prolonging their life span.

What We Like

  • High power handling capacity.
  • Low impedance makes it utilize maximum power from the amplifier.
  • Good bass, mid and high frequency response.
  • Have a lasting design.
  • Easy to mount and comes with needed tools.

What We Didn’t Like

  • They have plastic arms which are fragile, and they can easily break during installation.

#6- JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker- Best JBL Coaxial Speakers

Via: Amazon.com

These are a set of 6.5-inch coaxial speakers. The unit consists of a unipivot tweeter which can be twisted to face the direction of your choice. This makes the speakers great because it can bring the staging effect closer to you.  Still, on tweeters, the speakers come with a volume adjustment level which compensates for the loss of imperfect placement of the speakers.

On power handling and impedance, the speakers have high power handling capacity and 3-ohm resistance. These features make them perfect for high power amplifiers. The low resistance makes them compatible with low resistance wiring systems found in most modern cars.

On matters regarding sound quality, besides having well designed tweeter, the speakers have large cones which displace huge volumes of air. This makes them perfect for low bases. The speakers also have 12 dB per octave crossover that is suitable for low pass and high pass frequencies.  These filters direct the frequencies to the right components as much as possible.

Last but not least is that these speakers are built to last. They are also capable of working in harsh environments.  You will need not to worry when travelling in high temperature regions or water filled areas. The installation of these speakers is a downhill process.

What We Like

  • The tweeter can be positioned in the direction of the listener.
  • The adjustment volume level of the tweeter makes hearing settings customizable.
  • They are low-impedance speakers which makes them sensitive to delicate car wires
  • Easy and quick installation.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Most of them blow after around five months of use.

Via: Amazon.com

These are 6.5-inch 2-way component speakers. They have a combined peak power handling capacity of 420 Watts. The RMS power handling capacity is 140 Watts per speaker. This means that the speakers can work with high power amplifier without distorting.

Unlike most of the JBL car speakers, GX600C has a polypropylene cone which is steady and long lasting. The cone area is also big enough for higher bass. Being that they are component and 2-way speakers, the speakers are good with bringing the staging closer. The tweeter can be installed in a different location while the woofers are installed on the factory speaker’s default locations.

When it comes to installation, compatibility is not an issue. Tweeters and woofers perfectly fit the factory locations. The crossover, on the other hand, functions well in separating and filtering the sounds. The speakers have low resistance meaning that they maximally utilize the power given by the amplifier. This feature also makes them great for factory systems.

What We Like

  • Compatible with most of the factory systems.
  • Low resistance speakers hence use the amp power effectively.
  • Tweeter sounds clean.
  •  High mid and smooth highs.
  •  Easy and simple to install.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not hit lower frequencies hence poor for sub bass.

Factors To Consider When Looking For The JBL Car Speakers

Before making up your mind on which JBL car speakers to buy, it is important to consider some few factors. This will ensure that you land on the right and the JBL car speakers. Here are a few features to consider;

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JBL speakers are found in two types just like most of the car speakers. They are either coaxial or component speakers. Each of this type comes with benefits and limitations. Let’s examine each one of them separately;

#1- Coaxial speakers or Full range

JBL speakers have a unique design which is easily recognizable. Coaxial JBL speakers are uniquely designed, and most comprise of the woofer, tweeter and the midrange driver if any. All these drivers are in one unit. This type of speakers is good in sound quality, easy to install and cheap.

They are, however, not good in bringing the staging effect into the car since the components are all in one location and facing one direction. Full range speakers can either be found in two configurations; 2-way or 3-way speakers as you are going to see later.

#2- Component or ‘separate’ speakers

JBL speakers can also be found as component speakers. Component speakers have the drivers, i.e., the woofer, tweeter and midrange-driver all as separate components hence the name ‘separate.’

They have better sound quality and staging effect as compared to coaxial speakers. Because of the separate components, they have a good sound quality. On the flip side, they are expensive and difficult to install. Here is a quick video that will help you understand the difference between coaxial and component speakers.

Just like Coaxial speakers, they can be found as 2-way or 3-way configurations. Which brings us to the second factor.

#3- 2-Way or 3-way

2-way JBL speakers have 2 drivers which are a tweeter and woofer. 3-way speakers, on the other hand, have a twitter, a midrange driver and a woofer. 2-way speakers are fairly good at sound quality but not as good as 3-way speakers.

The best choice for you should be 3-way speakers. For a 3-way speaker, the frequencies are separated into three bands, the lows, mid and the highs. As a result, the quality becomes clean and wide as compared to that of a 2-way speaker.

For more information: Best Pioneer Car Speakers

Speaker Sensitivity

Speaker sensitivity is how much louder a speaker will sound with a supply of one watt of power from an amplifier. Speakers with higher senstivities will be louder. Do you want a louder speaker? If you want a louder speaker, go for the one with high sensitivity and vice versa. If your car’s stereo is highly powered, then you should go for less sensitive speakers.

Via: Amazon.com

Power handling

JBL speakers are known to have good power handling capacity. Power handling capacity is how much power the speakers can withstand before they blow. There are RMS and peak power. The RMS (Root Means Square) power is what matters. You should, therefore, ensure that the speaker's power ratings match the one of your amplifier or the power maximally supplied by your amplifier.

Material of construction

The material of construction is another key factor that one needs to consider before buying the JBL speakers. Most of the JBL speaker cones are made with carbon injected material. These polymers are great for sound production.

Tweeters made with materials like polyurethane produce warm sounds while those made with steady material like ceramic and metal produce pop sound. Woofers made of lightweight and strong materials like polyurethane produce accurate bass.

Look at the surround, is it rubber or foam? Rubber is durable but expensive while foam is cheap and does not last. Remember that cheap is expensive.


Have all the measurements of your head unit or factory stereo and ensure that the speakers you are going to go for are compatible.  Check the model, sizes, the design, the mounting depths, the radius, the wiring and the power rating. They should match your factory system. This is especially if you are not willing to make modifications.

Cost of the speakers

What is your budget? If you intend to upgrade your system with high end speakers, it means that you should have your wallet fully loaded.  Look at your budget, therefore, before you set out to look for the JBL car speakers. You are lucky in this review we have included all kinds of speakers from the cheapest to expensive.

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Wrapping Up

Finding the best speakers is a tedious process. For most of the people, it is easier if they narrow down to specific brand and type. For this case, JBL speakers are among the top speaker brands that perform well. For a person who has developed some love for this brand, finding the best JBL speakers won’t be an uphill task.

The speakers reviewed above are the best among the best. Each of them has excellent and unique features and functions. Finding the best of them all was hard, but we reached a conclusion and settled on JBL GTO939 PREMIUM 6×9 Inches speakers.

This was because of so many reasons. One is budget; they are moderately cheap but still highly performing. Secondly are the structural features. They have good features from power handling to sound quality. Thirdly is installation, they are easy and quick to install.

These speakers were also highly reviewed by those who have bought and installed them. They, however, received negative reviews on the material strength of the cones which we found strange since most of the JBL speakers are made with carbon injected cone material.

We hope that you have identified your best JBL car speakers. Please let us know which one you chose and why you chose it by leaving a comment.

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