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Good sound quality means you can hear all the details of your favorite music. The right components for your system play a greater part in ensuring that you can hear all these frequencies. A complete and well-equalized car system should have the best car tweeters.

This will ensure that you not only get the bass and the mid from your bass and midrange drivers, but also get to hear the high frequencies. If you are planning to upgrade your system or improve the sound quality of your car’s audio system, tweeters are some of the components you will need to choose carefully.

In this article, therefore, you will find a review of the best tweeters and more details on how to choose the best car tweeters.

What to Consider When Buying The Best Car Tweeters

1- Type of Tweeters

What type of speakers do you run on your car? Are they component or coaxial? Mostly coaxial speakers do not require any tweeter. This is because coaxial speakers already have an inbuilt tweeter in them.  Sometimes however, these in built tweeters do not dissipate enough sound and hence you might need to do some modification and add an external tweeter.

Component speakers, on the other hand, will require tweeters for them to function fully. Choosing tweeters that are compatible with your component system is an important thing to do. Some systems will support a tweeter and a super tweeter. You need, therefore, to find the one which best suits your system.

To avoid the hustle of going through your system’s specification and trying to find a tweeter that fits it, you can try bullet tweeters. They are known for being compatible with a wide range of speaker systems.

2- Tweeter Material

Material plays a good part in determining the durability and sound quality of the tweeter. Good tweeters are made of materials that are soft like textile blends, poly or silk. These materials give smooth, refined and mellow sound.

If you are looking to install tweeters for more bright and harsh sounds, go for hard materials like graphite, ceramics and metal. Here is a short video for comparison between bullet tweeters and regular tweeters.

3- Swiveling or Pivoting Tweeters

When it comes to tweeter installation, the mode of mounting is essential. Will you need a fixed pivoting or swiveling pivoting tweeter?  The reason you need to consider this is because tweeters produce directional high-frequency sounds.

Therefore, the way they are directed towards the listener brings a lot of effects.  Good tweeters for the car need to create an illusion that the listener is just close to the stage where an artist is performing. Swiveling tweeters are, therefore, the best to go for.

4- Crossover

What is a crossover? In simple words, a crossover is what separates and directs frequencies to the right components. Without a crossover, a component will be trying to produce frequencies that it is not intended to produce. The result will be distortion or too much power consumption.

You should, therefore, look for a tweeter either with an inbuilt HP (High Pass) crossover or an external HP crossover. This means that anytime a signal will be directed to the tweeter, it will be filtered by the crossover leading to a clean and crisp sound.

5- Detachable tweeters

Would you wish to use your tweeter in a separate car or home audio one day? Some component or full range speakers come with a detachable tweeter. This is so that you can remove or replace them with new ones. You might need to consider that as you look for the best car audio tweeters.

6- Power handling

Tweeters just like any other speaker use power. It is important; therefore, to consider the power that it can handle. Good tweeters for a car must specify the power ratings they can handle. Find out if they match your car’s system.

If your system is run on a powerful amplifier, the tweeter should match the output gain given by the amplifier. Look at the RMS power handling since this is what the speaker can handle continuously.

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Top Rated Best Car Tweeters on The Market

1. JBL GTO19T Premium 0.75-Inch Component Tweeter 


Are you looking for tweeters that are good for sound dissipation and the best car tweeters for the money?  These ones are the right choice for you. They have a softy dome that features oversized voice coils that allow greater dissipation of sound.  They also allow for smooth highs and high-power handling.

The carbon nonmagnetic baskets maintain their precision and integrity when subjecting them to demanding conditions. A good feature about these tweeters is that they are low-impedance 3-ohm tweeters. Sometimes the factory wiring systems might be thin and cannot withstand high resistance.

It is, therefore, important that you have a low-impedance tweeter.  In addition, these tweeters can be amped and be easily pushed to further than their normal specification. What is also good about these tweeters is that they sound clear even at high volumes. They have low distortion even at lower frequencies. What’s more, they can be run at 5 watts RMS. This means that even at low power supply, they can still function well and also at high power supply they are still great.

The inbuilt crossover does well in sound separation enhancing the overall sound quality of the tweeters. The tweeters come with fixed mounts which make replacement a little hard.

What We Like What We Didn’t Like
  • They sound clear and smooth.
  • 12dB passive crossover allows the tweeters to sound clean and crisp.
  • Have high power handling capabilities and at the same time can run well on a low power supply.
  • They are low impedance tweeters making them sensitive with the factory wires.
  • Tweeters are built to last.
  • They have a fixed mounting pivot making positioning hard.
  1. Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S 1-Inch Tweeter kit


Rockford is among the best reputable car audio system makers.  They have made a simple to install and responsive car tweeter. The tweeters have a maximum power rating of 80 Watts. The dome is ½ inch making it very responsive when it comes to high frequencies.

When installing them, they will fit many positions and angles because of their flush and surface mounting design which promotes angle mounting options.  The frequency response range is also high; 2.5 kHz to 22 kHz. This makes sure that you hear all the frequencies.

On it is also an integrated 6dB High Pass crossover for filtering out and equalization. It ensures that the high frequencies are the only frequencies coming out of the tweeters making the sound quality of what you hear clear and crisp.

The set of tweeters have a high sensitivity of 72.5 dB meaning that it can capture and respond well even at the low power supply. Included are installation grills which will protect the delicate domes. Also, other mounting and installation accessories are included.

What We Like What We Didn’t Like
  • High sensitivity for clarity even at low power.
  • They have a high-frequency response.
  • Can handle high power supply.
  • Allows multiple mounting configurations.
  • Fitted with HP filter for maximum sound quality.
  • Extremely harsh.
  1. Pioneer pro Series TS-B400PRO 4″ 500W Bullet TweeterPioneer Pro Series Bullet Tweeter 


Are you looking for a bullet tweeter? Pioneer has made this incredible tweeter. It has titanium diaphragm and aluminum die-sat chassis. What this does is that it allows the tweeter to be more responsive and to project the output frequency well.

The size and the look are perfect for car installation and decoration. The magnets and the assembly also have a good finish which makes the tweeter durable. You can also still use it on your home speakers. It works well with high-end speakers.

When it comes to directing sound, they are amazing.  You can set them at different angles and you will still have the best results.  It does not require much of equalization or filtering since the sound quality is already clear and crisp.

The tweeter gives the best results if paired with a factory head unit. You therefore, don’t have to worry about replacing the whole unit if you don’t have a plan of doing so. Another thing that you should note is that these are not vocal tweeters. They are a good addition to your midrange and bass speakers. They have good reverb, high delays and stereo imaging.

Regarding where to install them, they perform well if installed at the back of the car.  They also work well on a 4-channel amp so that you can play at high volumes. The amp, however, should have an output of 4 ohms. This is to ensure that that the fidelity of the sound is maintained throughout the volume range.

What We Like What We Didn’t Like
  • Well sized magnet assembly and overall finish.
  • Very directive and responsive.
  • Compatible with most head units and factory head units.
  • High sound quality, clear and crisp quality.
  • More defined stereo imaging.
  • It is not compatible with all receivers.
  1. Polk Audio DB1001 1-Inch Silk/Polymer Composite Dome Tweeters


These 1-inch tweeters are made for marine conditions but are also good tweeters for cars. They have a maximum power handling capacity of 180 watts.  This means that you can run them on powerful amplifiers. They are also equipped with neodymium magnet for clear and detailed highs.

Another amazing feature that you will like with the Polk Audio tweeters is that they are fitted with a flush mount which swivels. What this does is that it allows placement, optimization, and flexibility. They sound good without a crossover and are clear and louder with more mid frequencies.

This is because they already have an in-line 12dB/octave passive crossover. What’s more, these tweeters also have a good staging effect, especially when installing on the dash. The sound quality is smooth and better than those of a factory speaker.

When it comes to imaging, these tweeters are the best. They are very directive and boost the required frequencies towards the front. At maximum volume, they handle the power without any distortion. The easy installation process is also another thing that you will like about these tweeters, they have an easy mounting system.

What We Like What We Didn’t Like
  • High power handling capacity.
  • Surface mount swivels perfectly for placement flexibility.
  • Perfect sound imaging.
  • Passive crossover for clear and crystal sound.
  • They are built with strong and durable materials to withstand tough conditions
  • They have a tendency of blowing out.
  1. Alpine SPS-110TW Type-S 1” silk dome tweeter set


These are high power handling tweeters with RMS power capacity of 100W peak power capacity of 300 W. The one-inch pure silk dome tweeters are designed for a high and wide frequency range of 1kHz to 22kHz. It is also designed to ensure that the sound does not come out too sharp or too low. This ensures that it completes the sound frequency spectrum.

Posing and imaging are important when considering tweeters; what is good about these tweeters is that they have 15-degree swivel flush mount for positioning and placement. Mounting is also stealth for mounting them into any car without any modifications.

Forget drilling deep holes, these mounts are only ¾ inches deep allowing for flush mounting. As a result, they can fit almost anywhere. What amazes about these tweeters is that they sound great even without an amplifier.

The sound put out without amplifier is detailed. Even with an amp, they can be pushed high without any distortion.  They are excellent sounding while being budget friendly. What even makes them better is the mounting options.

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What We Like What We Didn’t Like
  • Multiple Mounting options.
  • High and wide frequency range.
  • High power handling capacity.
  • Low impedance.
  • Inbuild crossover.
  • Distort at high volumes.

Wrap up

Those are our five best car tweeters. They have good features and are also good for the budget. We hope that they will help in your quest for the best car tweeters. JBL GTO19T Component Tweeters is the winner of the day. If you are looking for the best car tweeters for the money then this is it.

They are made with a soft dome that features oversized voice coil for wide sound deliver. These tweeters can also be pushed further than what they have been made to. They also sound clear at high volumes with low chances of distortion at high volumes. These tweeters can be run on 5 watts RMS.

These tweeters have low impedance meaning that they will be good with factory wires. They also have an inbuilt crossover for sound separation and more clear sounds.  For this and many more features, we would like to recommend it for you. We hope you found one that you have liked, please share with us. Let us know what we missed as well so that we can write about it next time.

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