Why did my Car Speakers stop working? Let us find out together

As is always the case with most electronic devices, car speakers can at times break down. This can be a great let down at the hour of need. Imagine being in the company of your friends then all of a sudden the speakers fail to work when your favourite song is playing.

But why did my car speakers stop working, you may ask yourself? And how can you go about solving such problems? This is an area that has troubled many car owners for a very long time. However, here is a great piece that has all the information as to why your car speakers can stop working.

Just take your time to know them as outlined below:


What are some of the causes of car speaker failure?

Car speakers have a tendency of failing one at a time, but it has always been a hard task for car owners to come to the root cause of such mishaps. The causes are few but quite difficult to identify especially for armatures in the automotive industry.

Here are some of the possible causes of speaker failure in your car:

#1- Blown Fuse

The car speakers are usually cushioned against excess current through the use of a fuse. In most cases when there is overvoltage, it is the fuse that blows up instead of the car speakers. The fuse is easy and cheap to replace compared to the speakers.

But how can you know that it is the fuse that is blown? Well, have you at any given time tried to switch on your speakers but the display refuses to come on? In that regard, there is a high possibility that it is the fuse that is blown up.

The good thing with fuses is that they are readily available and can be easily replaced within minutes. So this shouldn’t cause you any worries. But in case you replace the blown fuse but after a few moments the new one blows again then there is a high possibility that there is short somewhere that needs to be fixed.

Replacing the blown fuse with a heavy duty one won’t solve your problems if there is a short within the speakers’ circuit.  Before you even think of replacing the fuse, you should try to unravel the reason as to why it got blown.

If the power supply is okay together with the ground but the problem still persists then it could be something else. We aren’t done yet; there could be some issues still.

#2- Antenna or tuner problems

black car foldable antenna on car roof foreground closeup

There are instances when your radio can fail to work but at the same, you can listen to your MP3 players and CDs over the same sound system. You could be left wondering what the issue could be but this could actually be a problem with your antenna or tuner.

The complicaion becomes serious if the problem is in the tuner itself. In fact, you’ll have no choice but to buy a new head unit. However, this rarely happens as in most cases the problem is always the antenna.

In most cases, corroded or loose antennas are the major causes of poor reception or at times no reception in car radios. To fix this problem, you might need to tighten the antenna or at times buy a new one altogether.

There is a time I moved to a new residence where network coverage wasn’t that good. I couldn’t enjoy listening to my car radio as my favourite channels were having poor network coverage. An antenna booster came to my rescue though. You could also try it out in case you experience the same problems.

You should take note that this won’t work if the radio doesn’t power up at all. This only works in case there are weak signals. Manually retractable antennas are also another cause of radio problems. There are instances where somebody can retract your car antenna without your knowledge and such can make your radio fail to work.

You can manually fix this problem and see if your radio will work.

#3- Amplifier and circuit problems


If the sound system comes on but there is no sound emanating from your speakers then your amplifier or speaker wires could be the main culprits. In case the amplifier fuse has been blown up, find ways to replace it as such could cause your car speaker to stop working.

Amplifiers are designed in different ways. You should, therefore, know the exact point where the fuses are located; whether in-line or otherwise and check that they are operational or not.

Poor speaker connections or broken wires can at times make your speakers stop working. Wires that pass through areas like doors and windows are usually the most prone to breakage. Make sure that your wires pass through areas where they experience the least disturbance.

Shut doors can restrict your speakers from operating to the maximum.

#4- Blown out speakers

Your car speakers can also fail to work if they are blown. How can you know that the speakers are blown? Obviously blown out speakers will stop working or produce abnormal sounds. To test for blown out speakers, just isolate the speakers and test for their continuity. If the continuity between the terminals and the speaker is lost then the speakers are blown out.

In such a case, the only way out is to purchase new speakers.

Wrapping Up

So, why did my car speakers stop working? We believe you now have an idea or two regarding this. Your car’s speakers will fail at one point. What is more important is how you diagnose the problem and have it resolved so that you restore your sound system to the best state ever. This article will help you get out of such a mess.

Don’t you think this is what you have been looking for? What do you think we have left out? You can share your experience with us as well.

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