Best Pioneer 6.5 Car Speakers | Component, Coxial, TS-Series, A -Series

Be it the short trips you make daily from work to your home or the rounds you do every day on the neighborhood streets, the need for quality car speakers is imminent. Listening to your favorite music through the factory car speakers might not give you the best detail coverage in the same manner as when using your home music system. That is why you will need to upgrade them.

Most of the speakers that most people use to upgrade their car audio systems include 6.5 car speakers. One of the famous 6.5 car speakers’ manufacturers is the Pioneer. That is why we have decided to review some of the best Pioneer 6.5 car speakers available in the market.

We have considered their clarity, sound quality, configuration, performance alongside their prices. We hope that at the end you will be a step closer to finding your best Pioneer 6.5 car speakers.


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Top Pioneer 6.5 Car Speakers On The Market Reviews

#1. Pioneer TS-A1676R 6.5-Inch 3- way speaker pair


These best pioneer 6.5 inches car speakers are 3- way speakers that feature a multi-layer matrix cone and a light elastic polymer surround. If you are a listener of heavy bass music, then you should consider these speakers as your best. These speakers belong to the TS-series which have improved bass and dynamic range.

The sturdy multi-layer cone mica matrix structure allows dispersion of sound and punchy bass. A tweeter is also included to cover the high range frequencies. This is good for acoustic accuracy be it the snares and hats or the high-end melodies. Sometimes speakers tend to overheat; these speakers contain a cooling basket that has a vent for efficient cooling to avoid such a situation.

What We Like

  • They have a multilayer Mica Matrix Cone structure which is good for dispersion of sound having a punchy bass.
  • The tweeter is designed in such a way that it produces a range of mid to high frequencies for a more enhanced volume.
  • The speaker diaphragm offers good quality sound. It is light and has a good sensitivity and a suitable range of internal loss.
  • The voice coil is heat resistant which is good for heat dissipation and durability to withstand high power input.
  • They have improved bass and dynamic range, higher power handling, and new cosmetic design.

What We Didn’t Like

  • They do not work with 50 watts of the 100 RMS that are indicated they can handle


If you are ready to be a little more generous with your wallet and have yourself more power delivery speakers, these will be good for you. These pioneer speakers deliver a maximum power of 260 watts and minimal of 60 watts. The cones are good and are made of basalt fiber that is interwoven with aramid which makes them lightweight and rigid. This will ensure that the speakers do not rattle after some time of use.

The rear chamber tweeters ensure that you have a boost on the midrange which is good for vocal imaging and highs. They also have built-in crossovers which are good for sound filtering so that you can have a good response from the speakers. The crossovers cover two bandwidths of -12dB /Octave HPF and LPS which is good for transition from mid to high frequencies.

What We Like

  • They have a butyl rubber coverage which does not fall in hot temperature conditions.
  • The rear chamber tweeter chamber is good for boosting midrange frequencies for good vocal imaging.
  • V-shaped diaphragm and waveguides of the tweeter are good for dispersion of sound for quality sound coverage in the car.
  • For control of sound response in the tweeters and the speakers, they have a built-in crossover of -6dB LPF and -12dB HPF.
  • The frequency response is also good as they cover low, mid and high-frequency bandwidths.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The bass sound quality from these speakers is of low quality.


This is yet another class of cheap and affordable best pioneer 6.5 car speakers. They are 2-way which means you will have a good coverage of the mid and the high frequencies. The speakers are covered by rubber-coated cloth speaker surround which makes them good in sound delivery and lasting performance.

These speakers are also made with polypropylene alongside with mica cone woofer. To ensure that you have a clear sound of the high range frequencies, 1- 3/16’’ piezoelectric tweeter is included. When it comes to power handling, these speakers have a peak value of 500 watts per pair and an RMS of 80 watts which makes them good for high power sources.

The only issue to be worried about when using these speakers is the way in which they handle power, their bass coverage is also somehow poor and will not be ideal for listening to heavy bass music.

What We Like

  • They are averagely priced and have a good midrange and high range sound quality.
  • Gives lasting performance since the cones are covered by polypropylene with mica.
  • Have averagely good performance and support for high power sources.
  • Have piezoelectric tweeters which are good for covering high-frequency ranges for clear acoustic accuracy.
  • Come with clips and screws which are easy to install on most cars.

What We Didn’t Like

  • They have poor quality bass delivery.


If you are looking for good priced and more complex speakers to install in your car, these speakers will be good for you. They are compatible with aftermarket systems and car factory systems. The frequency range is also amazing as it covers a range of 32Hz-38 kHz which is a good frequency response.

A frequency as low as 38Hz makes it good for responding to sub basses which is a property that you can find only in most expensive subwoofers. This frequency range also covers most bandwidths which is good for sound quality.

It also has a good maximum power handling capacity of 350watts per pair (175 watts per speakers) and RMS Power of 60 watts per pair (30 Watts per speaker). What’s more, it also features a 4-way design which has two tweeters, midrange, and bass cones. These kinds of speakers produce high-quality sound with good acoustic accuracy from the tweeters.

What We Like

  • They are 4-way speakers which makes them good for huge bandwidth coverage.
  • The two tweeters on the configuration give a good high range sound coverage and good acoustic coverage.
  • Has average power handling capacity
  • The frequency response range is good for sound quality from a bass of low as 32Hz and highs of up to 38 kHz.
  • They are easy to install and are compatible with most aftermarket systems.

What We Didn’t Like

  • They are prone to stopping working after months of use.


With an impedance of 4 ohms, these speakers are full-range speakers which are convenient for a car user like you who listens to low bass music. They are low priced and are up to the task as well. If you are after a speaker that will meet your budget and still give you average performance, these are the speakers to go for.

They lack tweeters meaning you won’t have much of the high-end frequencies that could have enhanced the space of your car. You will, however, have good midrange and vocal coverage. They have a power handling rating of 200W which makes them fall along with the normal factory car system without an amplifier.

What’ more, these speakers will offer you a long-term service performance without any issues at all. The 2-way configuration also means you will have more of the mid and highs. The only issues to be worried about is the small-sized magnets and the low bass quality.

What We Like

  • Have good coverage of the mid-range and the high frequencies.
  • Have high power handling capacity of 200 watts.
  • A shallow fitting meaning connectors will need to be cut when installing.
  • They come at a good price for low budget and good sound quality.
  • Lasting performance without a rattle.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The magnets are small which makes them produce low volume and depth of sound.

What to consider as you look for the best pioneer 6.5 inches car speakers

When buying the best Pioneer speakers for your car, there are some factors that you need to consider to be able to make the best choice. This is because all Pioneer speakers are great and therefore you might find it hard to settle one.

However, here are some features that can help you in buying these speakers. Before discussing the features, here is a video that can give you some basics involved in buying the best Pioneer speakers.

1- Type of speakers

There are basically two types of car speakers that you will need to consider. These types include component and full range or coaxial speakers.

For more information: Best 6.5 inch Car Speakers

Component speakers

Component speakers can handle low-range frequencies which are done by the woofer. They respond to frequencies as low as 40 to 1000Hz. They also come with components that handle midrange frequencies which range from 500Hz to 10,000Hz.

The tweeters handle the higher frequencies of between 2000Hz to 20,000Hz. Component speakers can be installed in different parts of the vehicle depending on your preference. The ability to separate sound into different bandwidths makes car component speakers good over coaxial speakers.

Full Range speakers

Full range speakers or the coaxial speakers, on the other hand, have these components combined to form a single unit. The tweeters, woofers and midrange components are combined making them more affordable and hence the reason why they are liked by many.

Another reason why they are liked by many is that they are easy to install as compared to component speakers. Despite their popularity, these speakers have a limitation in terms of sound separation which drastically affects the quality of sound out of them.

pioneer 6.5 coaxial speakers

2- Configuration

The best configuration to go for is the 3-way or 4-way configuration. These kinds of configurations will give a more broad sound coverage from the low, mid and high frequencies. 3-way configuration will have a sub-woofer, midrange components and tweeter for high-end frequencies.

4-way configuration will have extra tweeters for broader coverage and dispersion of sound. A 2-way speaker will give you perfect mid and high range frequencies; however, you will have less or no bass coverage. These are some of the few things to consider while you look for the best pioneer 6.5 car speakers.

Watching on the price will be crucial for you as well. Remember cheap is expensive but you shouldn’t be worried though as most of the pioneer 6.5 car speakers are affordable and have good performance.

What makes aftermarket car speakers better than factory speakers?

There are many reputable brands that offer audio devices that are known to be the best quality and up to the task. Since this is the field they are specialized in, their speakers emerge the best over those of car manufacturers.

Some special features that make them distinct from the factory car speakers are as discussed below. These features lie on the;

pioneer 6.5 speakers review

1- Designs

Since speaker manufacturers are interested towards making sure that you hear clear and high-quality sound on your car, they tend to come up with designs that are top notch. With the immense competition in the industry, most of the speaker manufacturers push the limits of advanced technology.

This competition results in designs with tweeters, subwoofers and well-designed sound cones. These subwoofers are good for low frequencies, and the tweeters are good for high-end frequencies which could not be heard on normal factory speakers. That is why you will find a more detailed sound in brand speakers as compared to factory speakers.

Brand speaker manufacturers also add advanced crossovers which are good for separating sound into different channels or bandwidths. These bandwidths are low, mid and high. The crossovers are equipped with filters which will at certain point allow a certain range of frequency to pass over to speaker’s different components.

2- Materials

Brand car speaker makers ensure that their speakers have good performers in different conditions. Be it on high temperature, moisture and stress conditions. They are made with special materials to cater for this.

Since they are made for good performance, the materials used to make voice coils are strong and lightweight. They also come with good fixture designs which make them be installed correctly hence minimizing rattling. These facts make car aftermarket speakers last longer than the stock speakers.

3- Affordability

There are some other ways to improve the quality of your car’s audio system. Nonetheless, replacing your car’s speakers with brand new speakers like the best pioneer 6.5 inches car speakers bring more advantage of affordability. A modest investment on brand speakers will help you achieve a noticeable difference.

Wrapping up

Installing your car with speakers like the best pioneer 6.5 car speakers will be the best way of bringing the feeling of music home. Their ability to capture the wide range of frequency makes them good for car installation. They may differ, but at minimum and bare conditions, they will excel in giving you the best sound delivery.

After a close look at the various features, user feedbacks based on performance and price, we picked Pioneer TS-A1676R 6.5-Inch 3- way speaker pair as our best Pioneer speaker. They have a 3- way which means you will be able to hear a broader range of frequencies. These include good bass and high-end frequency coverage. They also belong to TS-series which have improved bass and dynamic range.

The sturdy multilayer mica matrix cone structure allows dispersion of sound and punchy bass. A tweeter is also included to cover the high range frequencies. Power handling ratings are good for high power supply and low supply as well.

They have been designed to be compatible with vehicle systems and to replace the factory speakers. Many users of these speakers have affirmed that they are worth buying. It is for these features and reasons that we would like to recommend it for you. You can still consider the other four as well as they will also offer the sound quality that you have been looking for.

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