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Just as the car that we drive is a rather personal choice, the accessories that we put into them are also very much linked to our individual preferences. One of the most critical car accessories is car speakers and we shall help you in your quest for the best Pioneer 6x8 car speakers.

However, there is an inundation of car speakers in the market. You might probably be left scratching your head, wondering where to start. Here, we give you some useful information on car speakers which should put you on the right track. But first, let's go into the basics.

Best Pioneer 6x8 Speakers On The Market 2018

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Top Best Best Pinoneer 6x8 on The Market Reviews

#1-  Pioneer TS-A6886R 6" x 8" 4-Way Speaker



A good speaker if you are looking for crystal-clear sound from a set of speakers at a reasonable rate. The Pioneer TS-A6886R 6" x 8" 4-way speaker is robust, compact as well as compatible with most car amplifiers and it packs a punch.

With a maximum power capacity rating of 350W, these 4-way speakers comprise of acoustically sound multi-layered material. The cone is made from lightweight elastic polymer to give a realistic surround sound. Those who used these speakers were mostly quite satisfied. One customer reports that he even got good results by installing them without an external amplifier or subwoofer. These speakers are easy to mount and install and are reasonably priced. However, one user complained of rattling, and he had to switch to another brand.

What We Like

  • Crisp, clear sound
  • Good surround effect
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most amplifiers
  • Good wattage handling capacity

What We Didn’t Like

  • A few users reported rattling or vibration
  • Some customers felt that there was a deterioration in the sound quality
  • Some adjustment required for fitting in particular models of cars 



Here is a speaker that is not only reasonably-priced but is also technologically advanced regarding the acoustic material used and the quality to sound output. The wattage handling capacity of these speakers is quite reasonable at 250 watts which delivers a respectable sound which brings out the high and low frequencies in an excellent, balanced way.

Another notable fact about the Pioneer TSG6845R 6 X 8-Inch 2-Way 250W Car Speakers is the fact that the tweeter is piezoelectric, which is a more efficient way of converting electrical energy into sound energy, minimizing energy losses. This method results in brighter sound due to an improved response to higher frequencies due to the piezoelectric effect.

To add to the quality of sound, the Injected Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) and composite mica woofers allow the speakers to handle the low frequencies efficiently, to create an improved bass response.

These speakers are the ideal choice if you are looking to replace your low-quality factory-issue speakers. The speaker is lightweight but robust, making it a perfect choice for a car speaker. 

Most customers felt that it was the best ‘bang for their buck’ considering the attractive price and the smooth performance of the product. However, there were a few who felt that the speakers did not provide a sufficient frequency range.

What We Like

  • Technologically-advanced materials
  • Excellent frequency response
  • Excellent choice for replacing factory-issue speakers
  • Reasonable price
  • Advanced piezoelectric technology used

What We Didn’t Like

  • Limited bass response
  • Emphasis a bit too much on high frequencies
  • Sound tends to break up at higher volumes

6x8 pioneer speaker


This product is one of the more high-end models of car speakers that Pioneer has to offer. A versatile 4-way speaker system, Pioneer A-series 6-Inch X 8-Inch 350-watt 4-way Speakers, cover all the highs and lows regarding frequency, providing excellent bass and treble response and all the mid-level frequencies as well.

These speakers are slightly on the higher side at around $66.00 per set, but these are good speakers and do what they are supposed to do. Superior multilayer mica matrix has been used for the woofer to provide a good bass response and the lightweight elastic polymer ensures that the speaker also offers an excellent surround effect. With a maximum power handling capacity of 350 watts and 60 watts nominal, these speakers are compatible with most car amplifiers.

Aesthetically pleasant to look at, these speakers are a good choice if you want to upgrade from your factory-issued sound equipment, which should provide satisfying results. Most customers were happy with the performance of these speakers – even professionals had good things to say about the overall effect, considering their price.

What We Like

  • Good overall frequency response
  • Superior materials used for the cone
  • Smart to look at
  • Compatible with most cars
  • Easy installation

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit pricey if you are on a tight budget

pioneer 6x8 speakers review


If you would like to pack a powerful punch into your car stereo really, the Pioneer TS-D6802R 6-Inch X 8-Inch 2-Way 260-Watt Speaker should be a suitable choice for you. Composed of a Dual-layer IMX (injection molded matrix), the speakers are both robust as well as acoustically-sensitive.  The Aramid fiber cone provides extra durability, and the soft dome tweeter with rear chamber gives an additional dimension to the sound, adding to the overall surround sound effect. 

With a sensitivity of 88 dB, the speaker has a capacity rating of 250 watts (peak) and 60 watts RMS. This detail guarantees an excellent power handling capacity and ensures that you can use the speakers with almost any car stereo amplifier without compromising on sound quality.

Most customers who bought these speakers were entirely satisfied the results and found them relatively simple to install themselves. As the sensitivity is 88 Db, the minimum power requirement of the car amplifier is about 40 watts. Although a bit pricey compared to other similar speaker models being offered by Pioneer, if you consider that you can go up to $20,000 for a set of top-end speakers, then 100 odd dollars is quite a bargain.

What We Like

  • Excellent bass response
  • Handles highs, lows and mid-range quite efficiently
  • Easy to install
  • Good replacement for factory-issued speakers
  • Robust but lightweight

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit pricey compared to other Pioneer 6x8 car speakers
  • One customer reported minor damage to speaker posts
  • Slight fitment mismatch experienced for connectors

6x8 pioneer door speakers


Although a bit on the higher side in terms of cost, these speakers by Pioneer are still quite reasonably-priced compared to other brands in the market of the same rating. Aesthetically pleasant to look at, the Pioneer TS-G6820S 6" x 8" 2-Way Coaxial Speakers are quite robust with an Injected Molded Polypropylene™ (IMPP) composite Cone Woofer which makes them quite unique. This feature is an added advantage as it adds to the sound clarity.

With a power handling capacity of 250 watts (peak) and 40 watts RMS, these speakers are an excellent choice to replace a bad set of factory-issued speakers. With a frequency response of 72 Hz to 14 kHz, you get some perfectly-balanced sound from these speakers.

These two-way co-axial speakers are easy to install, even if you decide to install them yourself, and are compatible with most brands of car amplifiers.  For the cost of these speakers, you’ve got yourself a good deal. Don’t expect miracles, but these 6-inch car speakers will improve the quality of sound that you already have if you are using an original manufacturer set of speakers.

What We Like

  • Unique Injected Molded Polypropylene™ (IMPP) composite Cone Woofer
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent frequency response
  • Compatible with all car amplifier brands
  • Robust and aesthetically good to look at

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit costlier than other Pioneer speakers of the same size

Why do I need Car Speakers?

Every automobile manufacturer has their particular preference in the car stereo accessories that they install in their cars. However, none of these manufacturers will have a professional focus on sound quality. They are in the business of cars; hence their focus is on the actual vehicle and not the accessories that they may add later.

Due to the above reason, the car stereo that you get in a brand-new car is likely to be compromised both on quality as well as in price. You will not get the car stereo of your choice, and the speakers will be probably mediocre, at best.

The solution to this problem is simple – just replace the factory-issued speakers with customized ones, those for which you are ready to spend a bit of extra money. This method is the most efficient way of upgrading the car stereo that came with your car and with the correct choice. The results can be surprising.

pioneer 6x8 car speakers


Choosing the Best Car Speakers

Now that you know the relevance of having a good set of speakers, how do you go about selecting a suitable one for your car? Here are a few basic tips that should help you in this aspect:

  1. Sensitivity: When we talk about the sensitivity of car speakers, it is the measurement of the way a speaker responds to a particular signal. You can do this by placing a measurement microphone precisely one meter away from the front of a speaker and feeding a signal from an amplifier to the speaker.
  2. The signal is adjusted so that the power delivered by the amplifier is precisely one watt. You can measure the output sound from the speaker which we measure in decibels (dB), and this is the sensitivity of the speaker. A good speaker should have at least 88 dB, and sensitivity of over 92 dB is considered excellent.
  3. Maximum Power Handling (Wattage): Check out the maximum power handling capacity of a speaker. This metric is measured in watts and alludes to the maximum wattage of an amplifier that a speaker can handle. There are two values usually mentioned average value or RMS, and peak value. Apparently, the higher the wattage of a speaker, the more powerful the amplifier would be or could be, giving a louder speaker. However, a suitable speaker is not only based on loudness, as there are other parameters as well that make a speaker good, mediocre or bad.
  4. Size: Size they say doesn’t matter. But that is just a cliché that is way too much overused, It does matter, and in fact, in the case of car speakers, you need to consider size from two aspects. One is the practical limitation of space that you face while fitting car speakers into your car and the other being the acoustic considerations. For getting good depth in sound, you need a minimum thickness of speakers in the speaker cavity, and this is why 6x8 speakers are an excellent choice for most cars.
  5. Durability: This aspect is self-explanatory. You want to have speakers that will have a long life. Unlike in other situations, speakers fitted into a car are subject to mechanical stress from the movement of the vehicle. Hence, you need speakers that are composed of a durable material that will not only withstand mechanical pressure but will also hold out if you are in the mood to crank up the volume to the maximum. Moreover, car speakers if used for extended periods during a long drive will run continuously, probably for several hours, so they need to be durable.
  6. Sound and Bass: The quality of sound and bass output are two of the most sought-after and critical aspects of most car speakers. Audiophiles will always seek speakers that have high-quality sound and a bass that preferably makes your stomach vibrate with the volume cranked up! For that kind of music, you wouldn't want to settle for mediocre speakers because you won't get that quality of performance. So, keep an eye on the technical specs and also on reviews from other customers which will give you a fair picture of what to expect from a particular model or brand of speaker.
pioneer 6x8 2 way speakers


Searching for a Good Set of Car Speakers

Here are a few lines on how to go about your search. Assuming that you are going to be buying your new car speakers online, the first step would be to visit sites that advertise car speakers. You would do well to create an Excel sheet (or you can just do it on a piece of paper) and make columns to compare the technical specifications of different models and brands. Once done, take care to note customer reviews. A good indication of a decent product is good customer reviews with top ratings for the products.

1. Listening

The truth of the pudding they say is in the eating. If you are interested in knowing more about a particular brand and size of speakers, say, Pioneer, for example, a good idea would be to find out among your friends and associates someone who has a similar set of speakers.

If you can actually listen to the sound, you will get a clearer picture of what to expect. Remember, everyone has varying taste when it comes to sound reproduction, so only you can get the feel of what feels right to you, which may not be exactly what someone else prefers.

2. Check Speaker Dimensions

Although most speaker manufacturers make car speakers fit almost all models, sometimes the speaker dimensions are not compatible with individual cars. If you can get the speaker dimensions (this is usually available on the website), you would do well to get into your car with a tape measure and check out the feasibility of installing the speakers of your choice in your car. Pay particular attention to the size of the magnet, which may not fit perfectly in the mounting depth in the speaker cavities of your vehicle.

3. Taking Care of your Car Speakers

Here are a few useful steps that you can take to keep your car speakers in prime condition:

  • Try to keep them away from dust as far as possible
  • Clean them regularly but avoid liquid cleaners – just a light touch with a blower should suffice
  • Avoid the magnets getting into direct contact with magnetic materials
  • Do not place them near a magnetic source as this could interfere with the performance of the electromagnet in the speaker
  • Try to keep your speakers from getting direct exposure to static electricity. There are anti-static floor mats and antistatic sprays that can be used to counteract the effects of static electricity
  • Do not let your speakers get exposed to heat or direct sunlight. Take care not to block any holes or vents that the speaker may have to release heat
  • Ensure that the wiring of your speakers be done correctly using the correct jacks and terminals
  • Run new speakers for at least 24 hours. This procedure is called the ‘burnout test' and will ensure that there are no manufacturing defects which can be rectified free of cost during the warranty period

Searching of the Ideal Car Speaker

Now enough has been said about the basics of car speakers – what to look for and how to choose them. As we noted earlier, there is a dearth of car speakers in the market. If you have the money available to you today, you may still not be sure about what brand and model would be suitable for both your pocket and your personal preference.

With this in mind, we thought to make your job just a bit easier by suggesting a particular brand that includes 6x8 car speakers. Pioneer is one of the most tried and trusted brands which offers a wide variety of models concerning price and quality. Hence, to do your job of selecting the best Pioneer 6x8 speakers, here are 5 of the most popular models that the company has to offer and that is also readily available online on 

The Final Verdict

We have had a long but interesting discussion about the different aspects of car speakers. We have dealt with the topic of what goes into a suitable speaker in depth. We later touched upon how to look for good car speakers and finally, concerning a tried and trusted brand, Pioneer, we examined the product features of five of the best models of car speakers that Pioneer has to offer. The question that you will probably still have is, which are the best Pioneer 6x8 car speakers?

After comparing the pros and cons of each model of car speaker, we finally reached a decision, based on several factors which put this particular model above all the rest. Yes, you probably guessed it! It is the Pioneer A-series 6-Inch X 8-Inch 350-watt 4-way Speakers.

The verdict for these speakers is on specific criteria that make it better than the others in quite a few ways:

  • These speakers have excellent sound reproduction qualities – and they reproduce the high, and low-frequency sound with utmost clarity.
  • At a somewhat higher cost, these speakers are still not astronomically expensive. This aspect motivates even someone on a limited budget to spend a little more to get more in return.
  • The acoustic materials used in this speaker are incredibly well-researched, creating lightweight, yet robust speaker cones which give good sound quality but build a rugged speaker that will withstand high mechanical and audio stress.
  • Due to the unique material used for creating the speaker cones, these Pioneer 6x8 car speakers create an impressive surround sound effect.
  • Aesthetically pleasant to look at – brilliant and professional-looking speakers.
  • No negative reviews observed about the product on Amazon.

We hope that you will find this article useful for you in your quest for a good set of speakers for your car. Although you may not finally end up with the exact model that WE recommend, this article aims to give you a thorough orientation about car speakers in general and Pioneer speakers in particular, to provide you with the best Pioneer 6x8 car speakers that money can buy.

In the end, you are the final decision-maker. A good car speaker depends ultimately on personal preference, however, what we have discussed here should go a long way towards helping you make the right decision.

If you have enjoyed reading this article, please do forward us your valuable comments and feedback, and we will be glad to respond to them.

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