What is the difference between 2 Way, 3 Way and 4 Way Speakers?

Music brings too much thrill to life, and that is why having a pair of earphones in your pocket and dope speakers in your car is a must. If you are considering upgrading the quality of speakers in your car to make the music output better, there are quite a range of varying speakers for you to choose from in the market such as the Best Car  Speakers

Probably you have heard a retailer mention two-way speakers, and you are now wondering, ‘what are two-way speakers?’ Read on and get to know the difference between 2 way and 3 way speakers and even the 4 way speaker.


What Is a 2-Way Speaker?

The simple description of a 2-way speaker is basically a loudspeaker system which has separate frequency bands. The term n-way speakers describe the separate frequency bands system. The 2-way speakers have a tweeter and a woofer.



The woofer produces bass notes from either a tuba or a guitar. The frequency notes are lower audio and range from 3 KHz to 20 KHz.

2. Tweeter

The tweeter, on the other hand, can be described as the driver that is responsible for reproducing higher audio frequencies that are from a flute, tambourine, or a cymbal. The audio frequencies from the tweeter range from 30 hertz to 160hertz.

I bet that is the simplest way to define and describe a 2-way speaker in a language that everyone can understand.

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Top of Best 2 Way Car Speakers

Best 2 way car speakers in the world

Via: Amazon.com

Are you looking for the best speaker system? This is one of them. It has a molded mineral filled polypropylene cone. This means that it will vibrate and never distort even at high volumes. It also has a durable structure that is inbuilt with a suspension design and linear high excursion matched motor magnet.

What’s more, this speaker is a two-way speaker system. This means, therefore, that you will hear much of the mid-bass and the highs only. The tweeters are strong and good for listening to music like hip-hop. The speakers also come with external crossovers network although they do not have any customizations. The speakers are affordable and can last. These are the speakers to go for.

Top features

  • External crossover network
  • 2-way speakers
  • Linear excursion motor magnet.
  • Suspension design.
  • 1-inch PEI tweeter.


  • Loud.
  • Good for the mid-bass and highs.
  • Strong magnet
  • Durable cone.
  • Affordable.


  • The tweeters are too loud for vocals.

Best 2 way car speakers

Via: Amazon.com

This is another 2-way 5.25-inch speaker that will definitely rock your car. It has a mineral-fortified polypropylene woofer cone. The cone is surrounded with rubber to ensure that it withstands abuse. The flexible cone will also ensure that the diaphragm vibrates at reasonable degrees for better volumes and sound quality.

The 2-way speaker comes with a 3/4 -inch speaker and the smaller the tweeter, the better sounding it is. The tweeter will also emit the higher end of your sound giving you the best staging effect in your car.

The speaker also excels in power consumption and ratings. It has 2-55-watt RMS and 170 peak power. This means that you can run them through an equivalent or more amplifier without overworking them. On installation, it has a 2-inch top-mount depth for a better-customized installation.

Top features

  • Mineral-fortified polypropylene woofer cone.
  • ¾-inch silk dome tweeter.
  • 2-55 RMS and 170 peak power.
  • 2-inch top-mount depth.


  • Loud.
  • Good sounding quality-no distortion
  • Requires no modification when installing.
  • Best for the price- Budget speakers
  • The mid frequencies are full sounding.
  • Has robust construction.


  • Low bass sounding.
  • The tweeters get easily fatigued.

What is a 3-Way Speaker?

Another name for the 3-way speaker is the tri-axial speakers. A 3-way audio speaker can be described as an audio speaker that produces sound from three devices. The devices are the woofer, tweeter and mid-range drivers.

Each one of the functions of the device operates separately to produce a distinct frequency. The drivers have been optimized in such a way that they deliver sound that is more accurate and clearer compared to a speaker with one driver to serve all frequencies. The 3 way speakers are mostly used for car stereo systems.

pioneer speakers cars


The woofer constitutes the biggest driver of the speaker. It has a diameter of up to 15 inches. It consumes quite a quantity of power as its main purpose is to produce sound vibrations which are the strongest.

2. Range

The mid-range speakers are smaller than the woofer, but they look very much alike. The sound frequencies they produce are somewhere in between the low notes produced by the woofer and the high notes from the tweeter. Its size does not go beyond 8 inches in diameter.

3. Tweeter

This is the smallest driver within the speaker. Its main role is to produce high-pitched sounds from flutes and cymbals. It’s only a few inches big. The tweeter gives music life by enhancing its clarity and brightness. The tweeter works in the treble and also at the end of the audio spectrum.

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Best 3 Way Car Audio Speakers

Best 3 way car speakers

Via: Amazon.com

Sometimes you might need a speaker to give out all frequencies of your tracks. A 3-way speaker is the best for you in such a situation and this is one of the best 3 way speakers. It has a 3-way configuration meaning that it has the low, mid and high frequencies drivers. These drivers are a must for high-quality speakers.

The speaker has a vacuum polypropylene cone which is durable and can withstand abuse. The high frequencies are taken care of by the silk dome pole mounted piezo 0.5-inch tweeter. The mid frequencies are taken care of by the midrange size driver. It is 6.5-inches and with a mounting depth of 2.15-inches.

For better sound adjustment, the speaker comes with an integrated tweeter crossover. The tweeters sometimes can become loud and harsh. With a crossover, you can be able to equalize and reduce the harshness to your favorite level.

Top features

  • 3-way speakers.
  • 0.5-inch silk dome tweeter.
  • 6.5-inch Midrange and woofer drivers.
  • Integrated tweeter crossover.
  • Vacuum polypropylene cone.


  • It has a good and better staging effect.
  • The bass is punchier and distinct.
  • Strong high-frequency dissipation.
  • Good for the price.
  • Good for customized installation.


  • Easily gets blown.

Best 3 way car speakers in the world

Via: Amazon.com

These speakers require 320 watts of maximum power. This means that you can run them on a powerful amplifier and they will still not get blown out. The supplied power also matches how loud the speaker can get. With such power, it means that this speaker system will be loud enough.

The speaker also comes with a multilayer mica matrix cone. This design is good for sound production, responsiveness and durability.  Around it is a lightweight elastic polymer surround. The speaker is a 3-way speaker with a tweeter, woofer and midrange drivers.

The 3-way configuration makes this speaker the best for sound quality. It has a wider dispersion that covers a wider frequency range and a deeper bass.  The new design of tweeter is meant to improve high-frequency production. The design is also optimized for high volumes.

Top features

  • 3-way speakers.
  • 320 watts speakers.
  • Multilayer matrix cone.
  • Lightweight elastic polymer surrounds.
  • 6.5-inch speakers.


  • High-quality sounding.
  • Rigid and Wide dispersion cone.
  • Extra light and rigid diaphragm-no distortion.
  • Heat resistant voice-coil-for durability.
  • Deeper bass.


  • Highs are too harsh.
  • Difficult to equalize

What is a 4-Way Speaker?

A 4-way speaker can also be defined as a quad-axial. Among its components are a bass, two tweeters, and a mid-range cone. The extra tweeter gives a 4-way speaker a high range sound which is far much better thus improving the quality of the music.

The best thing about the 4-way speaker is that it saves up on space and its wiring is quite simple. If you chose to have a car component system with a separate speaker for each frequency, you would need multiple installation areas within your car, and there would also be plenty of wires crossing over.

Trust me; this would not give your car a neat appearance.

Best 4 Way Car Speakers

Best 4 way car speakers

Via: Amazon.com

This is another good speaker to install in your car if you need 4-way configuration speakers. The 4 way comprises of a woofer, midrange, tweeter and a super tweeter driver. With all these drivers, the quality is excellent since all frequency ranges are represented and hence no muddy sound.

Since the speaker system has multiple drivers, the power consumption will be immense. The speakers have a peak power rating of 350 watts per pair and 175 watts each. This means that they can run on a power amplifier. The RMS which is their average power consumption is 120 watts which is again still average for good speakers like this.

On matter regarding sound production, the speakers are excellent as well. They have a multilayer mica matrix cone that is durable and good for wide sound dispersion. The cone is surrounded by a polymer speaker surround that keeps the cone in place and makes it elastic hence preventing distortion.

The tweeter on the other end has a waveguide that increases sensibility. The voice coils are designed to withstand high temperatures making the speakers durable for day to day use.

Top features

  • 4-way speakers.
  • 350 watts Peak power.
  • 120 Watts RMS.


  • Increased sensibility
  • Excellent quality sound
  • Less distortion of sound
  • Durable cone


  • Huge power consumption
  • Produces a marginal sound

Differences between a 2-Way and 3-Way Speakers

The major contrast between a 2-way speaker and a 3-way speaker is that a 2-way speaker has two drivers. One of the drivers is responsible for the higher audio frequencies. The other one is for low audio frequencies. These drivers are the tweeter and the woofer respectively.

The 3-way speaker, on the other hand, has three drivers which intercept low to midrange input as well as the midrange. Each of the two speakers has drivers which handle the different parts of the frequency spectrum. A crossover network then distributes the sound. A 3-way speaker is pricier compared to the 2-way speaker.

The crossover network is a series of filters that are responsible for directing the portion of frequencies to the most suitable driver that produces the best. Due to the varying features, you need to check the reviews on the different speakers and also try out the speaker in your car. This will help you make the right decision such that you will have no room for regrets.

Difference between 2-Way Vs. 4-Way Speakers

A 4-way speaker has four drivers, the woofer, mid-range and two tweeters. The additional super tweeter enhances the high frequencies, unlike the 2-way speaker which has only two drivers, the woofer, and the tweeter.

Difference between 3-Way Vs. 4-Way Speakers

A 3-way speaker is distinct from a 4-way speaker due to the difference in the number of drivers and the frequency of the high- pitched sounds. The drivers of the 3-way speaker are the woofer, tweeter, and mid-range while the 4-way speaker has an additional tweeter which increases the number of drivers to four. The extra tweeter increases the high-pitched frequencies.

Which one among the Three is best?

Most people think that the more way a speaker is, the better it is but that is not the case. None of the three types can be said to be better than the other. However, many drivers a speaker has, each one of them has some trade-offs.

You should not look at the amount of drivers in a speaker to determine its quality. Here the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ comes in handy. You may find a speaker with two drivers that perform far much better than the 3-way speaker who has two drivers.

Even with all the features of the speakers and their varying frequency drivers, your ears will be the best judge to determine which way speaker produces the best sound. Each car is different. 

The simple truth that will take you a long way in deciding the best speaker for your car is that you should select the one that sounds best to you and will fit perfectly in your car. Do not fuss too much about whether it is a 2 way, a 3 way or a 4-way speaker.

If you go by the number of drivers, trust me, you will find an 8-way speaker which seems extremely exaggerated.

pioneer speakers reviews

A Simple Criterion to Help You with the Selection

  • The overall set-up of the speaker. This is inclusive of the design and the appearance.
  • Quality of the materials that are used to make the speaker as well as its brand. A renowned brand is better as it gives you an assurance that the product will serve you better.
  • The economy of the price. The price of the speaker you choose should be within your budget range.
  • Power ratings. This includes the Peak and the RMS.
  • Online reviews. These are important as they will help you know more about the product and its features, advantages, and disadvantages. Check out the reviews on Amazon.
  • Seek a product with a warranty. The longer the warranty, the better. This will give you more of a reason to trust the quality of the product.
  • Have a speaker that will be compatible with the structure and body of your car such that it fits perfectly.

Categories of Speakers

There are two main categories of speakers:

1. Component speakers

For the component speakers, the woofer and the tweeter are separate. This makes it easy for you to adjust it to the whole body of your car.

2. Full-range speakers

These come in a combined form, with their tweeter and woofer intact. This makes them rather easy to install and are cheaper compared to the component speakers.

Your choice on either of the two depends on the acoustic experience you desire to have in your car.

Wrapping up

I hope that you have learned all the facts on what you need to know about the 2 way, 3 way and 4 way speakers. By now you should be able to state the difference between 2 way, 3 way and 4 way speakers. With that, I am certain that you can make an informed decision on what you want for your car to get the best music.

Do not let your decision on the choice to be influenced by the number of drivers a speaker has. Let your ears be the judge to help you get the speakers that make the music pleasant.

Leave a comment on the article and let us know which speaker you choose and the reason(s) why you chose that particular one. Feel free to ask any question if you need assistance, and I will certainly assist where I can.

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