How To Measure Car Speaker Size | What Speakers Fit My Car


Reasons Why You Should Be Keen On The Measurement Of Your Car Speakers

  • To make sure that the speakers you get are compatible with your car.
  • To ensure that the installation process will be smooth.
  • The most important fact is to help you enjoy good music with conspicuous sound from the perfect speakers for your car

Features To Look Out For When Purchasing Car Speakers

1. Temperature Strength

In most cases, machines get hot after running for quite some time. In this case, there are speakers which are prone to heating up after being in use for a very short time. Get yourself some car speakers which are adaptable to temperature and can play music for quite some time without heating up.

2Weight Considerations

This seems to be a minor factor to consider, but it is very important. The weight of the car speakers you choose will matter once you mount it in a somewhat sensitive place. Be ready to ascertain that the door panel speakers have less weight compared to the rear speakers at the back.

3Woofer Quality

Make sure that you check out the quality of the woofer you purchase. A woofer that has been made using eco-friendly materials which are authentic is the best. This is because it will certainly be in a condition to serve you for a longer time compared to one made of normal paper.

4. Surrounding Material

The material that surrounds the woofer is very important. Its primary role is to enhance free movement of the woofer cone so that it can produce a bolder bass. The best materials for surrounding your woofer are such asrubber, cloth and foam. Rubber is the bestdue to its longevity and general performance.

5. Detachable Tweeters

Purchasing car speakers with detachable tweeters will work to your advantage since you can use them in a different car. They also allow you to choose whether you will use them as component systems or full range speakers.

Important Measurements To Consider When Determining Your Car’s speaker Size

Probably you want to upgrade your pioneer car speakers; the act of changing the speakers is not just something you would do with your eyes closed. For instance, if your car’s stereo system previously had 6*9 car speakers, then you do not want to get an upgrade that is anything more or less than that in measurements.

Start with getting information on your car’s existing stereo system. You will have to connect your speakers to your stereo system, and so this will help you to get speakers which are compatible with your stereo system.


1. High Powered Stereo vs. Low Powered Stereo

Measure your car’s stereo system to determine whether it is low powered or high powered. Remember that low power stereo is very well compatible with speakers which are highly sensitive. On the other hand, high power stereo system works best with low sensitive speakers. Going wrong on this simple bit would cost you a great deal.

2. Check out the installation space

Get the measurements of the ins and outs of the specific area where you will install your speakers. This will help you identify the size of the area which will accommodate your car speakers. The most common areas where speakers are installed are on the door panel, back rear and finally the front rear.

3. Diameter of the outside measurements of the speaker

Measure the outside diameter of the speaker. This is basically the length from one end of the diameter to the other. This will make sure that you get speakers that will fit into their spaces.

4. Measurements of the Magnet diameter

All speakers have a magnet. The magnets in the many speaker models do vary in size though. This measurement shows the length of the diameter from one side to the other.

5. Measurement of the magnet’s height

Basically, this enables you to determine the thickness of the magnet which is normally attached to the back of the speaker. You have to give some allowance to accommodate the size of the magnet.

6. Measurement of  the mounting depth

Getting the mounting depth measurements will enable you toget the measurements from beneath its mounting flange right to the bottom of the magnet. This ensures that your car speakers will not go too deep such that it bumps to the obstruction which is right under it.

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7. Mounting height measurements

This basically helps you to get the measurements of the distance between the bottom of the mounting flange of the speaker and its highest point. Having the right measurements of the mounting height of your new car speaker will make sure that it is not too high to bump against the factory grill or the door panel.

Following these tips will make your process of looking for a replacement for your car speaker to be a walk in the park. If you are very lucky, you can find a speaker manufacturer or retailer with an extensive database which clearly indicates what speaker size is best for specific points in certain vehicles.


Every car owner should ideally know how to get the perfect speakers for their car. I hope that you have learned the essential details on how to measure car speakers as well as extra tips which will help you get the most suitable speakers for your car.

Music makes my world go round. Create a new experience by taking music to a whole new level by getting the right speakers for your car. Have you ever replaced your car speakers? How did you measure your car speakers for replacement? Did you use the measurement methods that have been highlighted in this article?

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